Java Programming I




Hugh M. Serrato





Room AA-352

Bisdorf Building,

Alexandria campus

(703) 845-6313

Office Hours:


Mondays 5-6pm

Thursdays 6-7pm









Course Description


Provides instruction in fundamentals of object-oriented programming using Java. Emphasis is on program construction, algorithm development, coding, debugging, and documentation of console and graphical user interface applications.






Only one these books is required:

·         Java: How to Program 8th Edition By Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, 9th Edition
Prentice Hall ISBN-10: 0132575663 | ISBN-13: 9780132575669


·         Java: How to Program 8th Edition By Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, 8th Edition
Prentice Hall ISBN-13:  9780136053064






ITP 100. It is assumed that students possess college level reading, writing, and computational skills and are familiar with Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista) operating system




Course Credits


4 Semester Hours




Coursework Submissions


All work you hand in for evaluation must be your own. All work submitted as part of homework assignments, labs and programs must be produced using a software tool, e.g. Microsoft Word, Visio, Eclipse.

All coursework must be saved and submitted via blackboard in the form of attachments that could be opened and examined/executed using the same software that created them.


Students are responsible for keeping electronic copies of all work submitted in the event of a technology failure.


Students are allowed to submit only one copy of their coursework per assignment. In case of sending multiple copies of the same assignment only the first copy sent will be graded.


All email must clearly identify the student by first name, last name and the course number in the body of each email. The student will use the subject line of each email to identify the course. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in email response delays.




Expectations form the Student


Students are required to submit their own independent work. Students are expected to arrive on time and be prepared for each class, and leave only at the end of the class. Leaving early or arriving late should be the exception, not the rule. Participation in the class discussions are strongly encouraged. Cell phones, audible pagers, MP3 players and other electronic devices capable of producing audile sound make distracting noises and should not be used during the class. Students are expected to show respect for the learning environment by refraining from any discussion or talk with other classmates during instructor presentations or while other students are asking questions.



Class Grade


Letter grades will be assigned upon completion of the course. Student grades are determined based on the following percentages:




Total Points

Grade Percentage


Exercises (only 8 count)





Labs ((only 12 count)




















Final Exam









There will be a midterm exam and a comprehensive final exam.

Note: A missed exam cannot be made up.




Grading System


A >1968 ;   B >1750 ;   C >1532 ;   D >1313 ;   F < 1313 




Attendance Policy


Attendance is taken at every class meeting. If a student misses a class, it is the sole responsibility of the student to contact other fellow students as to what was covered in the class. It is the student’s sole responsibility to catch up and stay current during the course of the program. The amount of time missed due to extreme tardiness or leaving class early accumulates and is taken into account.  Frequent occurrences results in the student being dropped from the course. Students missing the first two sessions of the class will be withdrawn automatically. College guidelines will be followed to withdraw students missing classes frequently.




Academic Policies


The Students are responsible for withdrawing from the course by the deadlines established by the college if they feel they can not complete the course normally. During the first 60% of the course duration the student may withdraw himself from a class with a grade of "W". The system will grant a grade of "F" if this action is initiated after the withdraw deadline(after the 60% of the course duration ); students are responsible for ascertaining the correct dates by referring to the academic calendar for further detail.

Honor code violations such as cheating, plagiarism, and actions contrary to the academic environment will be addressed in accordance with established NVCC policies and procedures. If a student misses two consecutive classes or a total of three classes, he/she is obligated to consult with the instructor and consider withdrawing from the course considering the deadline for the proper withdraws. Failure to do so will result a grade of "F" at the end of the term (Note that the student name will still show on the active roster of the class, but the "F" grade will show upon completion of the course)






Student who cannot complete all of the assigned course work in a timely fashion may request an incomplete considering the following preconditions. The grade of "I" (Incomplete), will be awarded only if the student meets the following two criteria: 1) the student has completed over 50% of the course work with the grade of "C" or better, and 2) the failure to complete the assigned work is not due to the fault of the student (as determined by the instructor and the dean of the department). Be aware that the instructor must thoroughly satisfy himself and the dean of the department that the student has/had no other course of action. (Please note that planning a trip that conflicts with the date of the final exam is not an acceptable excuse! nor is, for that matter, someone else planning or dictating the dates of the trip for you!)




Office Hours


Generally, email is the best way to contact your instructor. A mailbox is in the Business Technologies Division, Room 352, Bisdorf Building, Alexandria campus. My office hours are posted in the Division and on my website.

Students are encouraged to request an appointment by email for guaranteed meeting time. If the student has schedule conflicts with the published office hours, see the instructor for an appointment to meet at a more convenient, mutually agreeable time.






Please consult the diagram posted in every classroom on campus and familiarize yourself with the shortest evacuation routes for the building. In the event of an emergency, leave the building quickly and calmly via the appropriate exit(s), and re-assemble in the far end of the parking lot in front of Bisdorf building. The instructors will do a head count to ensure that no one has been left in the building. Persons with disabilities will be taken to designated evacuation points where they will be assisted by trained personnel.




Accommodations for Students with Disabilities


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all qualified students enrolled in this course are entitled to “reasonable accommodations.” Please notify the instructor during the first week of class of any accommodations needed for the course. You are advised to contact the Special Needs Team (703) 845-6477, Bisdorf room 148, to complete a Disability Data Sheet. Please ask the trained personnel there to specify in detail how your instructor may accommodate you properly regarding your disability. The general disability from supplied by the Special Needs Team will not be accepted anymore if the instructor is not informed how the student's needs may be addressed properly.




Appeals Policy


The grades for this course will be posted within two days after your last class session. To appeal a grade, send an e-mail to your instructor along with proper documentation, within one week after your last class session. Overdue appeals will not be considered.



Important Note

The material covered and the schedule of this course is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor



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