English 3
Preparing for College Writing II

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Course Description/Objectives
ENG 3 emphasizes strategies within writing processes to help students with specific writing situations. Students will develop techniques to improve clarify of their writing and raise their writing proficiency to the level necessary for entrance into particular curricula. Prerequisite: An English Placement Testing recommendation for ENG 3 or ENG 1 or equivalent.

By the end of this course you should have acquired the skills necessary to function effectively in college level courses that require writing.  Specifically, you should be at the entrance for the first year college English course (ENG 111).  Therefore, you should be able to write a multi-paragraph essay which contains:

·   an introduction with a main point or thesis
several paragraphs supporting the thesis
an effective conclusion
no major errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling that prevent effective communication

Class time includes individualized and group work as well as frequent teacher conferences.  Class work will emphasize improvement of grammar, spelling, and punctuation as well as the writing of several paragraphs and essays.

Course Materials
You must buy the following materials and bring them to each class session.

English Brushup, 5th edition, Langan
USB key/flashdrive

This class is scheduled as a HYBRID course.  A hybrid combines traditional classroom work with independent online assignments.  In addition to being a hybrid, you will have the benefit of two instructors.  For this course, 50% will be face to face instruction in the classroom with Dr. Heiges every Tuesday.  The other 50% will consist of using Blackboard to complete assignments at a location convenient to you during the week.  Each week, the textbook homework and writing assignment will be posted on the Blackboard website for the course.  When a writing assignment is due, you will need to complete and submit it to Blackboard by the due date listed on the schedule and make revisions during the next class.  You will also have online grammar assessments that need to be completed according to the week each grammar chapter is scheduled.

During Tuesday class time, you will meet in a computer lab so that you have access to Internet Explorer and MS Word.  To complete independent online assignments outside of class, you must have direct access to a reliable computer with Internet Explorer and MS WordIf you do not have easy access to a computer outside of school, you need to come to campus and use the open computer lab in Waddell to complete your work.  Since NOVA uses MS Word as the standard word processing software, you must type your papers in Word so that you can work easily on these papers during class time in the computer lab.


·   Attend all class meetings.

·   Email your instructor before class if you have an emergency.

·   Get information about assignments through Blackboard if you’re absent.

·   If you do not attend class for two consecutive weeks and/or do not submit any assignments for two consecutive weeks, you may not pass the course.

·   Last day to withdraw without grade penalty is October 31.

·   Actively take part in classwork, group work and class discussions.
·   Complete assigned activities by due dates.
·   Act like a college student.
·   Use computers for classwork only.
·   Don’t use cell phones or any other type of electronic communication devices in class.

It is important for you to communicate with your teachers.  Outside of class, you can use office hours or email your teachers to discuss any questions or problems.  College policy states that you must use your Novamail to discuss school related issues.  When you email your instructor, be sure to include your full name, your class and be specific about what information you need (for example, test or assignment name).  You can expect a response to your email within 24 hours.  Always use courteous and appropriate language when communicating with your instructors or classmates.

Over the semester, you will complete many grammar chapters from the textbook.  The due dates are listed on the separate assignment page. Each week, you are expected to complete the scheduled grammar chapters before you come to class.  The answers for the exercises in each chapter can be found in the back of the textbook.  You should do the exercises and check your work independently.  After we review the material in class, you will take a Mastery Test on which you must score 70% or higher.  If you score less than 70%, you will discuss the chapter with Dr. Heiges and then retake another Mastery Test.  All Mastery Tests are on Blackboard and may not be taken more than twice.  You will also complete some Editing Tests and Combined Mastery Tests.  These tests are in the textbook and must be submitted on paper in class.

Writing assignments and their due dates are listed on the schedule page.  You must follow the class schedule in turning in papers.  In order to take the midterm exam, you must have completed all essays on the schedule before the midtermYou may not turn in more than two writing assignments per week.  All papers must be new and original material written specifically for this course.  The assignment sheet, all prewriting and rough drafts must be stapled behind your finished paper for each assignment.

All papers must have proper formatting:

Submitting Papers
You must follow these steps for completing writing assignments:

1)    First draft:  Submit it to Blackboard by the due date.

2)    Revision 1:  Mrs. Jeddy will return your paper during the next class.  Revise your paper according to revision comments.  Submit Revision 1 with all rough drafts, including prewriting and worksheet, attached behind the newest draft by the end of class.

3)    Revision 2:  Dr. Heiges will return a copy to you with editing suggestions marked on the paper.  Then you will make final edits to your paper.  Revision 2 must be submitted with all drafts, worksheet, and prewriting attached.

Your paper is not complete until you have finished the first draft and two revisions.  Your paper may require more than three drafts.

For the writing portion of the course, you will exams that will be graded by another English instructor.
    - midterm exam ( can only be taken after the first two essays due before midterm are completed)
    - final exam (can only be taken after all essays are completed)
Midterm and final exams must be completed in class on the day they are scheduled.  At the end of the semester, along with the final exam you must submit a reflective letter about your writing experience in the class.  You must receive a passing grade on the final exam in order to pass the course.

Plagiarism is the act of copying the ideas or exact words of someone else’s work and presenting them as your own without acknowledging the source.  This includes copying from a variety of sources, such as Internet sites, books, magazines, or even another student’s paper.  Plagiarism is unacceptable in a college course and will seriously affect your standing in this class.  A first time offense will receive a warning; repeated offenses may result in more severe penalties, such as receiving a 0 for the assignment or a U for the course.  For more information on the college’s policy on academic dishonesty, go to http://www.nvcc.edu/curcatalog/admin/academic.htm

How to Pass the Course
You must complete the following course requirements in order to receive a passing grade of “S”:
attend and participate in class each week
complete all writing assignments on time
3)      score 70% or higher on all tests
4)      complete a midterm exam on time
5)      complete on time and pass the final exam portfolio

Any assignment which is not sufficiently revised must be redone until a passing grade is achieved.  If you do not attend all required classes, cannot keep up with the due dates and continually submit late papers, you will have to repeat the course.  If your final exam is not considered satisfactory, you will need to repeat the course.

Final Grading

S = Satisfactory.  Student has met the course requirements:

R = Re-enroll.  Student is making satisfactory progress towards meeting the course requirements but needs more time to complete them.  Student does not pass the course.

U = Unsatisfactory.  Student has excessive absences and/or work is unacceptable or incomplete.  Student does not pass the course.

W = Withdrawn.

Writing Center
The Writing Center provides free one-on-one consultations about your writing.  The consultants can offer you an additional opinion about your writing by pointing out problem areas and helping you learn how to fix them or answering specific questions about your work.  Hours are posted on the door of the center, located in the Reynolds building.

Early Registration
Instead of providing early registration notes for the next semester, it is Loudoun's policy to post grades to NOVA Connect as students complete their developmental English course requirements.  Therefore, if you'd like to register early, you will need to finish the course requirements early.

College Closings
In the event of bad weather, you should login to the class website on Blackboard and check the Announcements page for information about school closing or class cancellation.  For emergency situations at the campus, you should check the NOVA website for closing information.

If you have a disability of which I need to be aware (for class and/or testing accommodations), please meet with me privately to discuss it.  More information about the college’s disability policy can be found at http://www.nvcc.edu/current-students/disability-services/

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