Dr. Emile J. Piscitelli

Professor of Philosophy

At The Northern Virginia Community College

Annandale Campus

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Professor Emile Piscitelli


Professor E. Piscitelli was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  He attended college at St. Charles Seminary in Philadelphia.  While Bernard Lonergan taught theology at the Gregorian University, he studied theology at the Gregorian University in Rome, Italy on a scholarship at which time he received a Bachelor Degree in Sacred Theology (STB). While in Europe, he attended Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the summer sessions to study the New Testament and Intellectual History. Then he studied at Harvard University where he received a degree of Master of Theology (Th.M.).  Finally after teaching theology and philosophy at Trinity College and The Northern Virginia Community College, and studying philosophy at Georgetown University, he received his Doctorate in Philosophy graduating with distinction from Georgetown University. Professor Emile Piscitelli taught two courses in philosophy in the graduate school of Georgetown University as a Visiting Professor.

My family name means little fisherman. It is pronounced with a soft "sh" sound = "Pee - she - tel - lee" would be the phonetic spelling.

A:  Some Published Works:

1. "Paul Ricoeur's Philosophy of Religious Symbol: A Critique and Dialectical Transposition." in Ultimate Reality and Meaning, Vol 3, #4, 1980 pp. 275-313. Read Text of the Article

2. "The Fundamental Attitudes of the Liberally Educated Person: Foundational Dialectics." in The Lonergan Workshop Volume V, 1985, pp. 289-342.Read the Text of Dialectics

3. Book: In Praise of Love: A Conversation With Plato's Symposium  (2006) with a translation of The Symposium from the Greek (Click on the link to order direct from the publisher.)

4. Book: Philosophy: A Passion For Wisdom(Click on the link to order direct from the publisher.)

5.Book A Passion For God: The Religious Philosophy of Bernard Lonergan, S.J. 2013


     B. Other Works:

3. Masters In Sacred Theology Dissertation:  "Understanding And Faith In the Theology of Thomas Aquinas:  A Study of the Lumen Fidei in the Philosophy and Theology of Thomas Aquinas." Harvard University, 1972.

4. Doctoral Dissertation: Language and Method In the Philosophy of Religion:  A Critical Study of the Development of the Thought of Bernard Lonergan. Georgetown University, 1976.A Selection from My Doctoral Dissertation: Chapter 5: Insight

5. Manuscript: A Hermeneutic Ontology: Speech as the Foundation of The Human Reality. A book written with Professor Patrick Mohr of Scranton University. 1980-Present

E-Text Hermeneutic Ontology Chapter I

E-Text Hermeneutic Ontology Chapter I I

E-Text Chapter From Hermeneutic Ontology Chapter V

6. Lecture Series given At University of Virginia: Woodrow Wilson School of Government. Plato's Political Philosophy. (September 1990).

7. Lecture Series On Plato's Symposium: Three Lectures, Boston College, Spring 1993.

Text of the First Lecture

Text of Second Lecture

Text of Third Lecture

8 .Presidential Address: Washington Philosophy Club: 1994: Aristotle and Nietzsche: A Reply To Mr. Urbanas. Text of the Lecture

9. Lecture On Plato's Symposium, Northern Virginia Community College Distinguished Faculty Lecterer Series, Fall, 1996.Lecture on the Symposium

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