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Extra Credit Museum Trip

There are many different ways to learn; (passively absorbing material in a classroom is one of the WORST ways to learn) among the best ways that researchers have found for people to learn about a subject includes active involvement and experiencing as many different methods of communication about a concept as possible. To help you learn a bit more about the things we are studying and force you from your humble places of residence, this assignment requires that you visit and report back about a museum exhibit.

The world is a wide and interesting place, and only through different types of exposure will you (as human beings) get an idea of how amazing, immense, varied and diverse it is.

Parts of your assignment:

1.      gain instructor approval for the museum/historic house etc. you plan to visit

2.      visit a museum whose subject falls within the time period we study

3.      provide a photo of you in front of the museum sign (smiling, of course!)

4.      provide a piece of literature from the museum you attended (museum name should be easily visible)

5.      a paper of at least three (3) full pages covering the following subjects:

a.      why you chose this particular museum

b.      what exhibit you saw, and why you chose it

c.       your favorite object in the exhibit (a hat, crown, song…)

d.      why that was your favorite part of the exhibit

e.       what you learned

6.      turn in all parts by the first days of the research presentations

If you intend to complete this assignment, you must get the museum or historic house you intend to visit approved from the professor PRIOR to visiting the museum.

You may increase your grade by as much as 5%.

Assignment is due last class session prior to presentation of your final paper.

Potential locations for your museum/historic house visits:

George Mason's home: http://www.gunstonhall.org/
Thomas Jefferson primary residence, Monticello: http://www.monticello.org/
his vacation home, Poplar Forest: http://www.poplarforest.org/
James Madison's home, Montpelier: http://www.montpelier.org/
Thomas Carter's home, Berkeley Plantation: http://www.berkeleyplantation.com/
The Hill-Carter's (ancestors of the Lee family): http://www.shirleyplantation.com/
Plantations from Virginia's first 100 years on the James River http://www.jamesriverplantations.org/


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