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US History Calendar




Meeting of two worlds

            Biography Signups

            chp 1


The English colonies: 1607-1650

            chp 2

Powhatan, Jamestown, mercantilism, Anne Hutchinson, Iroquois, Puritans


The English colonies: 1650-1750

            chp 3

Bacon’s Rebellion, Jesuits, witchcraft, New Netherlands


The English colonies: 1700-1750

chp 4

Day 1: Albany Plan of Union, Benjamin Franklin, Regulators, George Whitefield

Day 2: Natchez Revolt, Stono Rebellion




Background to Revolution

            chp 5

Day 1: Stamp Act, Patrick Henry, Townshend Acts, Boston Massacre

Day 2: Boston Tea Party, First Continental Congress, Thomas Paine


The American Revolution

chp 6

Day 1: Bunker Hill, Loyalists, militia, Saratoga

Day 2: Abigail Adams, Valley Forge, Cowpens, Yorktown


Critical Period: 1783-1789

            chp 7

Articles of Confederation, Northwest Ordinance, Quakers, Mary Woolstonecraft, Shays’ Rebellion, Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers


The New Republic: 1790-1800

            chp 8 (to p. 255)

Fallen Timbers, Whiskey Rebellion, Jay’s Treaty, XYZ Affair, Alien/Sedition Acts, Election of 1800




The Jeffersonian Republic

chp 8 (from p. 255)

Marbury vs. Madison, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark, Tecumseh, The Embargo, Hartford Convention


Changing National Economy

chp 9

Erie Canal, steamships, John Marshall, Eli Whitney, Lowell Massachusetts, Alexis de Tocqueville


Jacksonian Democracy

  chp 10


John C. Calhoun, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Trail of Tears, nullification crisis, Bank War


The pre-war South

            chp 11

Paper Topics Due via email by 5pm


miscegenation, slave codes, Nat Turner, Missouri Compromise, “King Cotton”


Era of idealism

            chp 12

Charles G. Finney, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, American Temperance Society, Harriet Tubman, William Lloyd Garrison, Catharine Beecher, Seneca Falls Convention



The Contentious West

assigned readings

manifest destiny, Republic of Texas, James K. Polk, Wilmot Proviso, “49ers”, Free Soil Party, Compromise of 1850


Sectionalism rules America

            chp 13

Day 1: Bleeding Kansas, Irish immigration, Know-Nothings

Day 2: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Dred Scott decision, Lincoln-Douglas Debates, John Brown


Civil War

            chp 14

Day 1: Jefferson Davis, ironclads, Robert E. Lee

Day 2: Emancipation Proclamation, New York City Draft riots, Gettysburg

Day 3: 13th Amendment, John Wilkes Booth, Camp Sumter (Andersonville)

Papers Due

            Extra Credit Due



chp 15

Radical Republicans, Black Codes, carpetbaggers, sharecropping, impeachment of Johnson 14th Amendment, 15th amendment, compromise of 1877



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