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Dr. david h. brown

Philosophy, Latin, Greek, Religion

Northern Viginia Community College
3001 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311

Contact Information

Office: Bisdorf 252
Phone: Office: 703-845-6241
Fax: 703-845-6186

courses taught

Philosophy 101
Philosophy 102
Religion 231
Religion 232
Latin 101
Latin 102
Latin 201
Latin 202
History of Philosophy 211
History of Philosophy 212
Greek 101
Greek 102
Greek 201
Greek 202
Philosophy 220 Ethics

educational background

Bachelor of Arts, West Virginia University
Master of Arts in Philosophy,
University of Western Ontario
Doctor of Philosophy, McMaster University
Post Graduate courses:
Goettingen Universitat
Guelph University
George Washington University
Virginia Theological Seminary