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GOL 135: Geology of Prince William Forest Park, VA
You will be required to write a 3-5-page report on the geologic history of Prince William Forest Park and submit it to me no later than Sunday, ***DATE T.B.A.*** (at midnight). Your grade for this course is entirely based on this one assignment. The paper is to be a synthesis of what you have learned on the trip. It should be based primarily on your field notes and preparatory readings, but may include additional research that you do after the day of the trip. The paper should emphasize what rocks and structures that we observed on the trip, and geologists’ interpretations of them.

"I appreciate the requirements in your course. I might have more 'fun' out in the field if I were spending all of my time looking rather than taking notes, but the notes and the writeup afterward have caused me to develop an integrated understanding that I would not have achieved if I hadn't had to work at thinking and pulling it all together. I am grateful for being forced to put in the intellectual effort to pull it all together in my mind."

-Past geology field course student

If you use any outside sources, including the ones I have gathered for you on the "readings" page, you must cite them in a Bibliography or Works Cited section. I have also prepared a "proper formatting" page to help students overcome some of the more common mistakes in formatting their papers. I've also posted a copy of the rubric that I will be using to score your paper. Please review it to make sure you get the maximum number of points possible.

You should submit the report to me via e-mail. Attach it as a MS Word document or Adobe PDF (ends in .doc or .pdf).

My contact information is:

Callan Bentley
Northern Virginia Community College
8333 Little River Turnpike (CS 248-A)
Annandale, Virginia 22003-3796

Phone: (703) 323-3276


When you e-mail the report to me, please be sure that you get a note back from me confirming that I have received it. Otherwise, I may not have gotten it (internet technology is amazing, but sometimes it disappoints), and you will not get credit for the report. The report should be in standard Times New Roman font (like this page), 12-point, and double-spaced. Figures, if included, should not be included in this page count – the 3-5 pages are for text only. Figures can certainly be included (frequently, they are far better than words at expressing geologic relationships), but they are not required. Any figures you haven't drawn yourself (or photos you haven't taken yourself) need to be cited as outside sources.

There is a Writing Center on the Annandale campus that is available to help you craft your paper.

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