Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meanders and petroglyphs

A couple of other cool stuff, not directly related to the theme of the GSA Field Forum, that we saw at the site of the tafoni and the metates:

First, some petroglyphs. These are carved into the clay/oxide/biofilm layer known as "desert varnish," revealing the pink Bishop Tuff beneath:

And if you walk to the edge of the bluff, where the Owens River has chewed away at the edge of the volcanic tableland, you can see this:

That's the Sierras in the distance, the Owens River in the middle ground, Chalk Bluff Road, and then the south slope of the volcanic tableland. The Owens River is near its local base level here, and has produced some lovely meanders. You can see the current batch of meanders, plus older, cut-off loops here:

...And did I mention they have some fault geology there too?

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