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Abdolali Soleymani Jalyani Abdolali Soleimani Jayrani

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Fall 2012

First 8-Week Session
Classes begin August 22
Schedule adjustments (add/drop/swap) on NOVAConnect (open to all) August 22-24
Drops on NOVAConnect with tuition refund August 22-29
Late schedule additions, in person, permission required August 25-29

Last day to drop with tuition refund or change to audit (Census Date)**

August 29
Labor Day Holiday for faculty, students and staff, Offices closed September 3
Last day to withdraw without grade penalty September 24
Last day to apply for Fall 2012 graduation* October 1
Non-Instructional days/no classes; College offices open October 8-9
Classes and examinations end October 16


List of projects and reading Assignments
Notice: Please use your VCCS email account to send your projects. Projects assigned on Friday are due the following Friday. Projects should be send to:
Please make sure your student ID and Project number appear in the subject line of each email you send.
(Flash Projects must contain two files; the .FLA and the .SWF files).
Urgent questions should be sent to nvccnova (at) account.

Frame by Frame Animation
Use "Frame by Frame techniques " to create an animation using (Macromedia Flash /CS5 )
Due Friday 08/31/2012
Assigned reading
For 07/14/2012

Assigned reading for Due Friday 08/31/2012

Please select a basic Flash textbook from Safari Tech & Business  and read the textbook for the all the items on the Tools panels


Motion Tween
Use "Motion Tween techniques" to move a shape across the screen. Try to create and use at least two layers for your animation.(Macromedia Flash /CS5 )
Due Friday 08/31/2012
Assigned reading
ForDue Friday 08/31/2012
Flash: Shape tween, Motion tween along a path, Different types of Symbols, Movie Clips, Transform Tools, Aligning tools, etc.

Raster and Vector Graphics
Summary and comparison of raster and vector graphics file format. Use Microsoft paint to draw one shape of your choice raster (bitmap) file. Use Flash to draw the same shape. To do a fair comparison the size of the canvas should be the same for these two file types. Test your project in flash to create the .SWF file (send copies of these two vector files along with the bitmap file created using Microsoft paint). Write a short summary about the Pros and Cons of these three graphics file formats, which file is more suitable for the internet? which file is more suitable for taking a family picture?

Due Friday


(Week 03 out of class activity) Motion Tween along a path
Through motion tween along a path, you may force an object to follow your desired path from the start to end. In simple motion tween the path from the start to end is always a straight line; while in motion tween along a path this could be a curve or a hand drawn pathway. Design a project and force at least one object to follow a non-straight line.

Due Friday


(Week 03 out of class activity) Game Simulation
Use all animation techniques learned to create a simulation of a game of your choice such as "ping pong" , tennis, vollyball, etc. as was demonstrated in class.
Due Friday

(Week 03 out of class activity) Shape Tween
Use "Shape Tween" to change your starting shape to go through a series of transformations. Use several layers if you want to apply multiple transformations to your object. At each layer try to do part of the overall project to achieve the overall shape tween.
Hints: Please remember that objects should NOT be grouped for this project to work properly.
Due Friday
Assigned reading for FridayDue Friday 07/21/2012

Multimedia Production Color generation using RGB primary colors on a device such as the computer display and pigments (CYMK) colors used in print industry, pixel, colors of the rainbow, primary colors, 24-bit implementation of RGB colors, color space based on a 24-bit RGB model, RGB additive color mixing, colors used in the printing process, CMYK subtractive color mixing, experiment with an RGB color wheel.

Different types of Graphics file format , raster (bitmap) and vector graphics (mathematical equations, to represent lines and curves in computer graphics),The zooming and pixelation effect for different computer graphics files, Bézier curves, Computer-aided design(CAD), calculating the size of raster (bitmap) files. Trace bmp- converts bitmap to vector graphics.

Introduction to HTML and web-page design using only a simple text editor. Publishing your projects on the web-page of your choice.



Midterm Exam Midterm Exam Friday (no make up)
Assigned reading
Creating various type of symbols in Flash, Movie clip creation.
(Week 05 out of class activity)Movie clip creation
Use the eighteen bird images shared in class to make a movie clip of a flying dove and then use instances of that dove going from left to right and right to left against a scene of your choice. (Please add a bird sound to your project for better effects)
Due Friday
Assigned reading
Movie clip creation, Creating Buttons in Flash, different states of a button; Use of buttons in interactive web-page design.
(Week 06 out of class activity) Download Piano Resources
Sounds can be added to any flash project; Buttons were covered for this project; the "down-state" of a button can be used to play a sound. Use several white and black buttons to create a piano of your choice. Each of the buttons of the piano is expected to play a different music note. (Use the Piano Resources file shared in class to start this project)
Due Friday
Assigned reading
For Friday 07/28/2012

Fireworks: Magic Wand Tool, Crop tool, Rubber Stamp Tool, Replace Color Tool, Trimming Tool, Transform Tools (Scaling, Resizing, etc.)

Image Transparency
, Realistic Animation
Install Adobe/Macromedia fireworks on your computer. Use Fireworks to edit, modify and create one image to support transparency. Please remember that not all image formats support transparency, export your work as a partially transparent "SWF format " file to be imported later into a flash project.

Try to import and use the partially transparent image into a flash project and create a realistic animation of your choice to do a motion tween along a path. In class we did two projects creating a borderless volleyball (created from a .jpg image) and we animated this image against a vollyballball court using motion tween along a path. In this example the ball had borders which were made transparent using the magic wand tool in Fireworks.
The second example demonstrated a stock market simulation with visible motion guides. The third example was doing a basketball simulation two weeks ago.
Due Friday

Assigned reading Basic of web-page design techniques. HTM, HTML. start and end tags. publishing animation on the web. Adding sound to a project (to be continued....)

(Week 04 out of class activity) Publishing your Multimedia projects on the web

Use a simple web page design editor (or Dreamweaver ) to publish one of your previous projects on the web(as was instructed in class). Please send copies of the .HTM (.HTML) and the .SWF files for this project.
(We used a simple text editor Textpad 4.7.3 in class for this project, it is recommended to use Textpad rather than Dreamweaver for these projects to become more familiar with HTML files and web-design process)
Due Friday

Assigned reading More about symbols and Movie clip creation. Mix two separate pictures together, creating a transparent background by using a solid color which is mostly green or blue. This method of filming is often referred to as color keying, blue screen, and color separation overlay ( CSO )
Assigned reading . Mask in Flash, Various uses of masking techniques in Flash.

(Week 06 out of class activity) Adding sound to a project
Design a new project or use one of your previous ones for this purpose, try to find and download some sound effects,import these sound(s) to the library. Add sound to your project and try to show the concept of sound synchronization as was explained and demonstrated in class.
Due Friday

(Week 08 out of class activity) Masking projects

Please do a research for "Masking in Flash" and do one masking projects of your choice as was demonstrated in class (please do not copy the examples we covered in class, Examples covered were the dark seashore, eye chart, face recognition (game), etc)

Due, Friday

Final Exam
Final Exam (No make-up exam possible)

Please download Flash from Here
Please download Fireworks from Here
Eighteen bird images
Piano Resources
Lots of bird sounds can be downloaded from Here
Textpad 4.7.3

Grade calculator
ScoreSheet Worksheet

Abdolali Soleymani Jalyani Abdolali Soleimani Jayrani

Please use your VCCS email account to send your projects. Projects assigned on Tuesdays are due the following Tuesday You have one whole week to do the project. Projects should be send
Please make sure your student ID and Project number appear in the subject line of each email you send. (Flash Projects must contain two files; the .FLA and the .SWF files).
Urgent questions should be sent only to nvccnova (at) account.

If a message not related to class projects is sent to it will not be replied in a timely manner and is usually ignored.

Abdolali Soleymani Jalyani Abdolali Soleimani Jayrani