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Professor, Communication Studies and Theatre


Experiencing Interactive Interpersonal Communication (2011).  Exlibris.  Available with, Barnes and

Connecting Intercultural Communication: Techniques for Communicating Effectively Across Cultures. (2010).  ebook, Kendall Hunt. ISBN 978-0-7575-8123-6.

Reflections in Communication:  An Interactive Approach  (2008).  Lanham MD:  University Press of America.  ISBN 13-978-0-7618-4162-3.


Dr. Kanu teaches on NVCC Blackboard:

Introduction to Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Small Group Communication
Intercultural Communication

Public Speaking.

Kanu is a Madison “Who’s Who in North America”

Contact Information Office Building & Room Number: CM 364
Office Phone: 703.323.4143
Cell: 703.505.4601

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CST 110: Introduction to Speech Communication - Syllabus (PDF)
CST 126: Interpersonal Communication - Syllabus (PDF)
CST 229: Intercultural Communication - Syllabus (PDF)

Discussions of Freedom of Speech

College Resources Library

Sierra Leone Project

Curriculum Development: Building Sierra Leone Community College Relationships

Releasing Individual Capacities in Sierra Leone With International Community College Town Centers

Solving Global Problems in Developing Nations: The American Community College Model Morphs into the International Community College Town Center Model

Who is responsible for the establishment of a community college system in Sierra Leone?

Gardner's Leading Minds

The Community College System and Development in Sierra Leone

Keeping Sierra Leone’s Promise: Challenges for the Community College System

Communicating in Organizations

Alusine Kanu Works to Establish Community Colleges for Sierra Leone
Effective Listening Across Cultures

Can Community Colleges Rescue Sierra Leone?

Trends in Developing Sierra Leone's Community Colleges

NVCC Professor Advocates for Community Colleges to be Established
   in Sierra Leone, West Africa

SLCC Proposal

Planning and Building Community Colleges in Sierra Leone

The Rhetoric of the Nationalist Movement in Africa
Quality Circles:  Promise, Problems and Prospects in Sierra Leone 

Matching People to the Job 

The Interactive Management Facilitative Approach 

Evaluating Intercultural Programs in Organizations 
African Peacemaking Traditions 

Behavioral Changes in an Organization

Using Technology and Presentational Aids

Theories of Communicative Interaction

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