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Core Skills ESL High-Beginning

If your ACLI placement test result is Core Skills ESL High-Beginning, you may have to take one or more classes depending on the campus.

They are:

  • ESLA 1713/1723  Integrated Skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing)
  • ESLA 1733/1743  Speaking & Listening
  • ESLA 1753/1763  Reading & Writing Skills

Visit the campus of your choice and click on the Schedule of ACLI Classes to find out which courses are offered.

Students in Core Skills ESL High-Beginning

When students enter Core Skills ESL High-Beginning they are able to speak about opinions and ideas, and they can usually understand native speakers when they speak on familiar topics. They are able to write simple and compound sentences, connecting them in paragraphs to express their ideas and opinions. In reading, they are able to comprehend materials prepared for ESL learners at the high-beginning level. They recognize common vocabulary in their readings and are able to identify main ideas and details. They are able to guess the meaning of new vocabulary from context.

In Core Skills ESL High-Beginning Classes

  • Students write paragraphs with a topic sentence, details and conclusion. Paragraphs include narratives, descriptions and opinions. They do structured writing and free writing in journals.
  • Students identify main idea and details of a reading. They learn skimming and scanning skills. They understand new vocabulary through context.
  • They learn grammar through reading, writing, teacher instruction and practice exercises.
  • They prepare oral presentations to express opinions about current topics.
  • They practice proper pronunciation, stress and intonation.