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American Culture and Language Institute

NOVA's American Culture and Language Institute (ACLI) teaches ESL to students from all over the world. The ACLI is part of NOVA's Office of Workforce Development and Continuing Education. We offer classes at most NOVA campuses and centers and in some workplaces in Northern Virginia.

About Our Programs

Intensive English Program (IEP)

The ACLI Intensive English Program (IEP) is an academic ESL program offering classes from beginning to high intermediate. Many IEP students have F-1 student visas. They must enroll full-time in the IEP. Other students who want a semi-intensive course may enroll part-time in the IEP. When students finish the ACLI IEP, some enroll in NOVA's College ESL Program. Other students transfer to U.S. universities.

Core Skills ESL

Core Skills ESL offers part-time ESL classes for U.S. immigrants. We also teach students who are in the U.S. temporarily on a variety of visas, such as A (Diplomat) or J (Exchange Visitor). Core Skills ESL classes are offered during the day, in the evening and on weekends. We offer classes from beginning to intermediate. Many students who complete Core Skills ESL classes take the ACCUPLACER placement test to qualify to enter NOVA's College ESL Program.

Specialty Courses

These ESL classes are offered at several levels, from beginning to advance. Some examples of ACLI Specialty ESL Courses include ESL for Employment, TOEFL Preparation and Culture and Conversation. These courses are popular with local residents and students who are in the U.S. temporarily with a variety of visa statuses.

Customized Contract ESL Training

The ACLI also customizes ESL classes for the workplace. Contact the campus of your choice to learn more about these opportunities.

Application Information

If you want to register for ACLI ESL classes, please be sure to check CEU when you are filling out your NOVA application.

Placement Testing

Before you enroll, you must take a placement test. The test consists of a writing sample and an oral interview. Contact the campus at which you wish to study to find out more about the ACLI ESL placement test.