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ESLA 1973 and ESLA 1983

Students who have studied some English enroll in ESLA 1973 and ESLA 1983. These students usually feel comfortable communicating in speaking and writing. They begin to use English for academic purposes in these classes, continuing to build fluency and control.

Students entering ESLA 1973 and ESLA 1983 can usually read fictional and nonfictional texts, including simplified academic texts that are written specifically for ESL students and other simple narratives. They are able to identify the main idea and some support of an article or story and begin to restate those ideas in their own words. They recognize many common vocabulary words in their reading. Students demonstrate an ability to write several sentences in paragraph form about a familiar topic. They use basic vocabulary within simple and compound sentences to discuss topics of personal interest. They have basic listening skills and are able to understand most directions given orally.

In ESLA 1973 and ESLA 1983:

  • Students read simplified and authentic materials including articles and novels. They summarize short readings and write other compositions in order to develop reading skills and critical thinking.
  • They write multiple drafts of paragraphs and practice revising and editing skills.
  • They listen to simplified news stories and other material and demonstrate general comprehension of the main idea. They practice rephrasing main ideas and asking questions about what they have heard.
  • They participate in class and group discussions on social topics and news events. They give presentations on prepared topics.