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Hours, Prices & Locations

IEP Hours

Each IEP “core” class meets for 105 hours over a period of 12 to 15 weeks during the academic year. Each IEP “elective” class meets for 40 hours. Students on F-1 visas must take three classes – two “core” classes and one “elective” class - for a total of 250 hours of instruction per semester in order to be enrolled full time and meet their visa requirements.

During the summer, IEP offerings vary from campus to campus. Returning F-1 students do not need to be full time during the summer. F-1 students who are new to NOVA must enroll full time during the summer.

Classes are generally offered on each campus during the morning and the afternoon. Contact the campus of your choice to find out which levels the campus offers, the hours of the IEP classes for that campus and information about summer courses.

Students who do not have F-1 visa status do not need to be full time. They may enroll in one class for a semi-intensive language experience, or in two classes for an intensive program.

IEP Prices

In the IEP, tuition is the same for all students regardless of their status in the United States. ACLI students earn Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for their study. One CEU equals 10 hours of instruction. Currently the tuition for one “core” course is $1160 (105 instructional hours or 10.5 CEUs) and $360 for one “elective” course (40 instructional hours or 4.0 CEUs). Students who enroll full time in the IEP pay $2,680 per semester for 25 CEUs.

IEP Locations

The ACLI Intensive English Program offers classes at each of the comprehensive campuses and at some centers. Click on the campus name to learn more:

The Alexandria Campus ACLI offers classes at the Alexandria Campus and at NOVA’s Arlington Center near the Ballston Metro.

The Annandale Campus ACLI offers classes at the Annandale Campus and at the Center for Employee Development (CED) in the Pitney Bowes Building in Annandale.

The Loudoun Campus ACLI offers classes at the Loudoun Campus.

The Manassas Campus ACLI offers classes at the Manassas Campus and at Manassas Innovation Park.

The Medical Education Campus offers classes at the Medical Education Campus in Springfield.

The Woodbridge Campus ACLI offers classes at the Woodbridge Campus.