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Parents & Families

The staff at NOVA assure that your college student will receive a high-quality education at an affordable cost, whether he/she is at NOVA to pursue an associate degree, certificate or to complete core course requirements and transfer to a four-year college or university.

Getting Started

As your college student applies for admission to NOVA, you may be wondering how to pay for tuition. Financial aid is available in the form of loans, scholarships, grants, tax credits and work-study. Learn more.


Be there for your student as he/she plans his/her college career. Realize that many students will be unsure about their majors or even change their major at some point. Encourage your student to contact career services to access interest inventories, job market information, and interview and resume assistance.

Personal Connections

Part of feeling good about college is making friends and connections. Remind your student that it's important to balance academics with personal pursuits. Encourage him/her to join a student group. Remember that counseling services are available for referral if assistance is needed.

Good Habits

Talk with your student about managing time effectively. Encourage life-long goals to eat healthily and exercise. If this is the first time he/she will be in charge of his/her own finances, talk with him/her thoroughly about budgeting, limiting credit card usage and building good credit.

Letting Go

It is our practice to communicate directly with students about grades, academic standing and college business.

Campus Resources

Encourage your student to take advantage of the variety of services NOVA offers: