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FAQs: F-1 Transfer

How long will the transfer process take?
We aim to give you your admission letter and F-1 Status Verification form within ten days of receiving your complete application documents.  Once your current school returns the form and transfers your SEVIS record to NOVA, we will create the I-20 within 10 days of the date they release your SEVIS record.

When will I receive my I-20?
Your SEVIS record (I-20) stays with the school you are currently attending.  This means that the record may not be released to NOVA until you finish classes at your current school.  Check with your current school to see what date they will release your SEVIS record.  OISS will issue your NOVA I-20 with ten days of the release date.

When can I register for classes?
You may register for classes only after we have received the F-1 Status Verification form back from your previous school and they confirm that you are in status. 

What should I do if I will be travelling outside the US during the transfer process?
Students who will be travelling between semesters should discuss this with both the international student advisor at your current school and with OISS staff at the time you submit your application to NOVA. You will need to make sure you hold an active I-20 when you enter the US. This may be your previous school’s I-20 or NOVA’s I-20 depending on what stage you are at in the transfer process.

Do I need to pay the SEVIS fee again if I am transferring?
No.  You only need to pay the SEVIS fee the first time for your initial I-20.

How do I transfer credits from my previous school?
If you would like to see if you can transfer some or all of your credits from your previous school, please bring an official, sealed copy of your transcript from an accredited US college or university with you when you register for classes.