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Dual Enrollment

What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment is an enrichment opportunity that allows qualified high school students to take college courses through NOVA, earn college credit and possibly receive high school credit for these courses. You may take dual enrolled classes on-campus, online or in your high school if your high school offers the college course you desire. Always talk with your high school counselor before moving forward with dual enrollment options.

Why take dual enrollment courses?

Studies show that students who acquire college credits while in high school are more likely to graduate and continue their education beyond high school. Taking dual enrollment classes allows you to progress towards both your high school and post-secondary education goals at the same time. If you choose carefully, courses might eliminate duplication of coursework you need for both high school and college. You can reduce the time and cost of a post-secondary education by taking some courses through a community college allowing you to complete your post secondary education on time, and possibly sooner. You will gain confidence in your ability to do college work and it will probably be easier to start classes on a college campus when you graduate from high school.

Is dual enrollment right for everyone?

Dual enrollment is an opportunity to take challenging courses and begin a college education. Dual enrollment courses become a part of your permanent college transcript, so it's important that you commit to the extra work a college course may require. You will be expected to participate in classroom discussions and activities as they will be part of the college grade.

How do I learn more?

Go to Frequently Asked Questions for dual enrollment. You may also find additional detailed information in the Dual Enrollment Manual. You can access any section of the manual by clicking on the table of contents.

How do I get started?   

1. Go to the Dual Enrollment Checklist and follow the directions.

2. Learn about Dual Enrollment for Qualified High School Students through NOVA's Extended Learning Institute, our distance learning center.

For more information contact: