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Dual Enrollment Checklist

The step-by-step dual enrollment checklist below is for high school students interested in taking a course(s) at NOVA. If you are a high school junior or senior or the home school equivalent, you may be able to take NOVA courses if you meet the placement criteria for NOVA.

Please note that students wishing to take a dual enrolled class on campus must complete the enrollment/registration process at least two weeks before the start of classes.

Follow This Step-by-Step Checklist to Get Started:

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1: Apply for Admission

Submit an application for admission: Online | Download Application

  • PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND TAKE YOUR TIME COMPLETING THIS APPLICATION. Remember, dual enrollment students cannot declare a major and must take credit bearing courses.

2: Activate Your Email Account

Activate your free student email account.

To protect your privacy, instructors may only use a student's official NOVA email address. You will receive updates on course changes and other pertinent information through your NOVA email account.

3: Take Placement Tests

New students must take the English placement test and place into English 111/9 or higher along with meeting all course prerequisites. If you can provide documentation showing a score of 550 or higher on the Critical Reading section of the SAT, you will not have to take the English placement test. However, you may be required to take the math placement test if you are planning to take an upper level math class.

Tests are given at each campus testing center and you should allow approximately two hours to complete the English placement test. Remember to bring your NOVA ID (you received this number at the end of the application process) along with a photo ID. 

4: Review the NOVA Catalog and Schedule of Classes

  • The NOVA Catalog briefly describes all NOVA courses, college policies including those related to admission, withdrawal, grading and the number of credits you may take each semester. The catalogue also displays all NOVA degree and certificate programs. Dual enrolled students cannot select a major, but you can see how any courses you take apply to a program offered at NOVA.
  • The Schedule of Classes lists the classes, times and locations for credit courses. It does not list dual enrolled classes taught at the high schools.

5: Download the Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form


  • High school students must submit a completed and signed Dual Enrollment Recommendation to the NOVA counselor who is helping them register for classes. The Individual High School Student Form (NVCC 125-207) gives written permission from your high school counselor, principal and parent/guardian.
  • Home schooled students must submit a completed and signed Dual Enrollment Recommendation to the NOVA counselor who is helping them register for classes. The Home Schooled Students Form (NVCC 125-208) gives written permission from your parent/guardian and approves your request for exemption from compulsory school attendance (if applicable).

6: See a Counselor

Meet with a NOVA counselor to review your placement test results, and discuss your goals and other factors affecting your ability to benefit from dual enrollment. You and a parent or guardian must present the completed dual enrollment form and a copy of your high school transcript or home school equivalent. If the counselor approves your request, he/she will sign the form and forward it to the dean for final approval. You may be asked to meet with the dean of students prior to final approval of the dual enrollment request.

7: Register for Classes

  • Dual enrollment students are restricted to part-time enrollment (fewer than 12 credits per semester).
  • Dual enrollment students must register for classes in person at the Student Services Center/Advising & Counseling Center. Bring your Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form and tuition payment to the appropriate campus. (Find your campus.) 

8: Pay Your Tuition

When you register for classes, you must pay by the payment deadline. Unpaid classes may be dropped from your schedule.

  • Pay with cash or check at any campus business office. 
  • Pay online by credit card through NOVAConnect.

9: Check Your Enrollment Schedule

Print a copy of your enrollment schedule from NOVAConnect. Verify that you are enrolled in the correct courses.

  • Print a copy of your enrollment schedule every time you make a change.

10: Buy Your Books

Print your schedule of classes and take it to your campus bookstore or buy your books online.

11: Buy a Parking Permit

Parking permits are required on all NOVA campuses. You can buy your parking permit online through Parking Services using your credit card 24 hours after you enroll for classes. You can also pay for a permit by cash or check at any of the campus Parking Services offices.

  • Parking permits are required for all semesters/sessions of enrollment.
  • Permits are required for all vehicles parked in all lots (except parking meters and hourly pay lots). Student permits are valid only in "B" lots.
  • To use the parking garages at the Annandale and Medical Education Campuses, you must have a NOVACard ID and a parking permit. Hourly pay parking is available in the garages for those without a current permit and ID card.

12: Get Your NOVACard Student Identification

Get your free NOVACard 72 hours after you pay for classes. It also serves as your library card and can be used for copying on campus and a variety of discounts.