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Contract Submission Process

The Vice President of Finance’s office is eager to assist your department with fostering affiliations and agreements with businesses, government, non-profit organizations, school districts, colleges and universities to benefit our students and promote the mission of the College. However, if a submitted contract is deficient of required terms or contains any prohibited provisions, NOVA may decide not to enter into the contract. If you have any questions about the contract submission process, please contact the Vice President of Finance’s office.

The following is the contract submission process:

  1. In-House Review: The first draft agreement should be submitted in an electronic Word format by the performing unit head to the Contract Manager in the Vice President of Finance Office for review. A signed contract review checklist should accompany the first draft agreement. Preliminary consultation with the Contract Manager regarding first draft may avoid problems with contractual technicalities later. The Contract Manager will inform the performing unit head of any preliminary concerns as quickly as possible. Please note, the Contract Manager does not write or negotiate contracts. The Contract Manager will return the contract to the performing unit head detailing deficiencies and/or prohibited terms in a form letter.
  2. Second Draft Negotiation: It is up to the performing unit head to revise any concerns raised by the Contract Manager. If necessary, and with the agreement of the entity, a second draft should be prepared that covers the contractual conditions required by the Contract Manager per NOVA-VCCS regulations. When an acceptable draft has been developed to which both parties agree, the business entity which NOVA is contracting with should sign a final copy and route the revised contract to the performing unit. The performing unit will then submit (1) the revised signed contract and (2) red-lined changes to the Contract Manager.
  3. Signing and Distribution: The Contract Manager will submit the final contract to the Vice President of Finance for review, approval and signature. Contracts that have not used the approved NOVA-VCCS template or covers a matter which is new, sensitive or involves a large liability exposure for NOVA-VCCS may be routed to the Attorney General for a second level of review. Copies of the agreement shall be kept on file in the performing unit’s office, in the appropriate provost’s office, and in the office of the Vice President of Finance.
  4. Meeting Terms of Agreements/Assessment: The unit responsible for performing under the agreement is responsible for meeting the terms of the agreement. The unit is also responsible for assessing the value of the agreement in terms of the purpose and capacity of that unit. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the supervising provost to evaluate the performing unit, and within that evaluation, the efficacy of any agreements with outside agencies.