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In the context of web design, typography refers to the various fonts and styles of fonts used in the design of web interfaces. Since legibility and readability are crucial in regards to the dissemination of information via a web page, you should adhere to the following typographic guidelines:

  • Limit the Number of Fonts - Use only a maximum of two fonts for a web site. A regular type and its italicized or bolded versions are also a good combination.
  • Use San Serif Fonts - The small flags and curleques that make certain fonts easier to read in print may strain your eyes when viewed on a computer screen. On the web, it is better to use San Serif fonts such as Avant Garde, Arial and Helvetica to reduce eye strain.
  • Make Your Text A Graphic - HTML only processes a limited number of fonts. Even if your computer can display a specialty font, there is no guarantee that the font will display on other people's computers. If you use an ornate or decorative font in a text line, consider making the text line into a graphic. This will insure that the text line will display correctly no matter what browser your audience uses.