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About Web Sites

Copyright is as important on the web as it is in print. Copyright issues affect your website in seevral ways.

  • Don't Use Copyrighted Material - The web is full of free graphics and animations that you are welcome to incorporate into your website. There are just as many sites, however, that include graphics, photos, animations or text that is copyrighted. Just because it is technically possible to copy and paste an item into your site does not mean it is legal to do so.
  • Copyright Your Site - You may need to copyright your site, especially if it includes photos, custom-designed graphics or other materials.
  • Use Blackboard to Control Access to Materials - If you are using copyrighted materials in your courses, place the materials inside of a Blackboard course. Blackboard ensures that the only people who will be able to access the materials are students enrolled in your course, thereby ensuring that you are in compliance with the TEACH act. (Below you will find more information on the TEACH act.)
  • Include a Copyright Statement in Your Blackboard Course - A copyright statement explains copyright to your students warns them from illegally reproducing materials included legally in your course site.

Copyright Resources on the Web: