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TAC Blackboard Certificate

Blackboard is NOVA’s online course management system that allows instructors to post information, assignments, discussions and grades. Through the Blackboard course shell, students are able to:

  • Locate course information, including the syllabus
  • Hold discussions with their instructors and with other students
  • Turn in assignments
  • Take quizzes and tests
  • Check grades for their courses in Blackboard

This certificate consists of required and elective sessions.  The required sessions are broken down into three 2 hour workshops: Moving Course Content into Blackboard, Communication Tools in Blackboard and Assessment and Grade Center within Blackboard.  The elective session can be either Classtop/Impatica, Respondus/Studeymate, or Safe Assign/Wimba.

To complete the certificate, it is assumed that participants have basic computer skills, basic Internet browsing skills, and  a desire to use Blackboard tools for their teaching.  Upon completion of the certificate requirements, participants will have developed one Blackboard support course for one of their courses, demonstrating completion of Blackboard Basic Competencies.

Required Workshops:

Blackboard I: Moving Course Content into Blackboard
This workshop covers how to move course content into Blackboard, including understanding course shells, uploading your syllabus, creating a calendar, and uploading other pertinent course materials, as well as organizing course content. By the end of this session you will be able to: 

  • modify the Blackboard Portal
  • choose and change settings, color and images
  • add/remove/rename course navigation
  • change tool availability
  • make Blackboard course shell available
  • copy courses or sections of course from one Blackboard site to another
  • archive a course
  • add faculty information, permanent and dated announcements, and syllabus
  • create an assignment
  • add links to content areas and external sources
  • add/remove documents and folders
  • add a student and view student roster
  • remove a student or change student status

Blackboard II: Communication Tools in Blackboard
This workshop focuses on communication tools within Blackboard including how to use discussion board to create effective and engaging conversations with students, to create assignments via the assignments tool, and to use the virtual classroom and the chat feature within Blackboard. By the end of this session you will be able to: 

  • create/remove/manage forums
  • manage forum discussion threads
  • create/remove/manage online groups
  • create an assignment
  • use Chat and Virtual Classroom features
  • send email from Blackboard

Blackboard III: Assessment and Grade Center within Blackboard
This workshop covers how to use the the Test and Survey Tool and the Grade Center in Blackboard. It provides hands-on training on how to create Tests and Surveys within Blackboard.  This workshop will also demonstrate how to manage your grades online using the Grade Center. By the end of this session you will be able to: 

  • create and deploy an exam in Blackboard
  • edit, export, upload and relocate exams in Blackboard
  • manage student access to completes exams
  • add/remove/change Grade Center items
  • add/remove/change grades in Grade Center
  • view, enter feedback and manage submitted student assignment
  • download/save and archive Grade Center on a network drive
  • use Blackboard Performance Dashboard
  • archive and copy Grade Center and course

Elective Workshops (Choose One):

Learn how to create tests using Respondus and then use the lockdown browser feature to control what your students can do during a test on Blackboard. The Lockdown Browser locks your students into a test so that they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications until they submit it for grading. Use the StudyMate tool, to create online activities and games for publishing on Blackboard.

Learn how to drag and drop content into Blackboard, post announcements and monitor new activity within your Blackboard course using Classtop.  For instructors who use PowerPoint frequently and post the slides to Blackboard, learn how to use Impatica to convert the PowerPoint file into a compressed format that is optimized for streaming over the Internet.

Wimba/Safe Assign
Learn how to add voice announcements, send voice emails, and use the voice discussion board, voice presentations, and voice recorder. These voice tools are useful for presentations, lectures, short speeches, collaborative projects, and improving verbal communication skills. Use the Wimba Podcaster, to create audio files on Blackboard to which students can then subscribe as podcasts. Also learn how to use Safe Assign to check student assignments for plagiarism. This service helps prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers.  The program also helps educate students about plagiarism and importance of giving credit for any borrowed content.