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View Student Groups in Advisor Center

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  1. Log into NOVAConnect by clicking MyNOVA on the NOVA homepage.
  2. Click on VCCS Student Information System.
  3. Click Self-Service.
  4. Click Advisor Center.
  5. Click My Advisees.
    Your advisees will be displayed in a list on the next page. To view more detailed information on a particular advisee, click View Student Details on the right side of the advisee's row. This will take you to the Advisee’s Student Center.
  6. If the student is not your advisee or you have no advisees assigned to you, click on View Data for Other Students.
  7. Enter the student’s EMPLID and Click Search.
  8. Click on General Info.
  9. Click on Student Groups.
  10. A list of student groups in which the student has been placed will be displayed. Some student groups are used to authorize students to enroll in specified courses. Other student groups are used for tracking student success for internal purposes.

Example 1: Shows Math Student Groups that may be used to authorize enrollment in specified courses based on placement test results.
Example 2: Shows a student group used for internal tracking purposes.