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View Instructor Workload

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Overview: Instructors can view their workload through Self-Service. Workload represents the courses taught and the associated teaching credits for a designated term. For adjuncts, workload represents the number of units for which they will be paid.

  1. From the NOVA homepage, click MyNOVA.
  2. Click VCCS SIS: Student Information System; click Self-Service; click Faculty Center; click My Schedule.

  3. Click SIS Workload

  4. Use the Scroll Arrows to find the correct term.
  5. Workload for the term is indicated under the Workload Assignment tab.


  • Please ignore the status listed below the term, in this case “Full-Time”. It is a default and may not represent your real status. Also ignore the “Assignment FTE%”
  • Assign Type: These descriptions are tied to the type of workload being listed. In addition to lecture, you will see lab, collapsed, not included, etc.
  • Since classes are “rolled over” from previous terms a year in advance, teaching assignments and workload for those future terms are still being determined.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your workload, please contact your Division Dean or Program Head.