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Record Grades for Developmental English ENF1 and ENF2

NOTE: All instructors will enter student grades through MyNOVA. See "Record Your Grades" for general information about entering grades through the Faculty Center.

Overview: This document details the customization made to the delivered grade roster in SIS to accommodate the faculty recommendation required for ENF1 and ENF2 courses when the grade of 'S' is entered for a student.

Faculty will now be required to enter a recommendation for placement when a student receives the grade of 'S' in either ENF1 or ENF2. This is not required for ENF3 as a grade of ‘S’ here indicates the student is ready for ENG 112 or higher.

When recording a grades of R or U, you will be required to enter the last date that the student attended. You may use a placeholder date if you do not know the exact date when the student stopped attending:

  • If the student stopped attending prior to the 60% date, but you do not know the exact date, enter 01/01/1900.
  • If the student stopped attending after the 60% date, but you do not know the exact date, enter 12/31/9999.
  1. Log into NOVAConnect by clicking MyNOVA on the NOVA home page
  2. Click on Student Information System
  3. Click Self-Service>Faculty Center>My Schedule
    Note: Your teaching schedule for the designated term will be displayed. To change the term that is displayed, click the Change Term Button drop-down menu and select the term you want. Also, do not use the Grade Roster link under Faculty Center. Use My Schedule to access your grade rosters.
  4. Click the Grade Roster icon at the left of the class row:
    Grade Roster Icon
  5. Your Final Grade Roster will now be displayed.
  6. Be sure that the Grade Roster Type indicates Final Grade.
    Grade Roster Type 
  7. Use the drop-down menu in the Roster Grade column to choose a grade for each student.Choose Grade
  8. After the grades are entered, click Save Button

IMPORTANT: DO NOT change the Approval Status. It must remain as NOT REVIEWED.

Approval Status


  • You do not have to enter all you grades at once. If you have a large class, it is recommended that you save each time you have entered 5-10 grades. If you get an error about the last day of attendance, go back and record the LDA and save.
  • You can leave grades blank. You can go back later and enter them.
  • Grades must be entered by the Grade Deadline. You will receive instructions from the Executive Vice President.
  • Grades may not be entered in MyNOVA between midnight and 6:00 a.m.
  • After you enter grades, students will not see them on their record until the Grade Batch Posting program runs, between midnight and 6:00 a.m.
  • Once a grade is posted to a student’s record, it cannot be changed on the roster. Contact the Division Office for instructions.
  • All questions should be directed to your Dean or Division Office