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New Faculty Orientation

NOVA faculty have a year-long orientation program. Orientation I is in August; Orientation II is in January; and Orientation III is in August. If you are hired during the year, please join your cohort group. CETL will catch you up. Or, you can start anew with Orientation I in August. You need not attend Orientation I more than once.

Dr. Jim McClellan’s video from Orientation I is now available online. The video has been broken into chapters for your viewing ease. To view the video, click here.

New Faculty Orientation II

This session is for all full-time faculty who were hired in August to the present. This is the second of three sessions.

New Adjunct Faculty Orientation

Each Campus offers a New Adjunct Faculty Orientation session. Please check with your campus for specific information. New information will be posted as it becomes available.

  • Alexandria Campus - TBD
  • Annandale Campus - August 18
  • Loudoun Campus - TBD
  • Manassas Campus - TBD
  • Medical Education Campus - TBD
  • Woodbridge Campus - TBD

Please contact the Office of Evening Administration for more details.

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