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Four students and a teacher in classroom

Faculty Honors

Professor Badge

CETL Super Prof Award Recipients

These winners were nominated by their peers for excellence in teaching and learning:

2011 - 2012 Award Winners
Callan Bentley (AN) Geography; Alpana Das (AN) Mathematics; Mocha Dyrud (MA) Psychology; Aamer Hague (AN) Mathematics; Paige Highsmith (AN) Mathematics; Kim Hogan (AN) Mathematics; Theana Kastens (WO) English; Edwin Miller (AN) Accounting; Diane Mucci (MA) Biology; Deborah Nasseri (AN) Mathematics; Tami Olds (LO) Communication and Human Studies; Sima Otsuka (WO) Biology; Nan Peck (AN) Communication; Michael Peglar (AN) Biology; Dick Pellerin (AN) Mathematics; Michelle Perschbacher (AN) Mathematics; Jennifer Rainey (AN) Communication; Cynthia Rathjen (AN) Mathematics; Piraba Swaminathan (AN) Chemistry; Fay Tarighi (AN) Biology; Mary Vander Maten (AN) Biology; Jeff Vetrano (AN) Mathematics; Johanna Weiss (MA) Biology; Rong Zhu (ELI) Instructional Designer

2010 - 2011 Award Winners
Nancy Chamberlain (AN) Recreation and Parks; Stacy Rice (LO) English; Mary Boyle (MEC) Dental Hygiene; Betsy Disilvio (MEC) Dental Hygiene; Kathy Briggs (LO) English; Marty Bredeck (AN) Mathematics; Karen Walters (AN) Mathematics; Don Goral (AN) Mathematics; Cindy Miller (AN) Biology; Steve Clarke English; Izanne Zorin (AL) Chemistry; Deborah Shaffer (AN) Biology and Natural Sciences; John Cova (AN) Biology and Natural Science; Paul Fitzgerald (AN) Biology and Natural Science; Huey-Jane Liao (AN) Biology and Natural Science; Lisa Williams (AN) Biology and Natural Science; Ilya Temkin (AN) Biology and Natural Science; Peter Jo (AN) Biology and Natural Science; Sue Staudt (WO) Biology and Natural Science; Anne Anderson (AL) Library; Stephen Clarke (LO) English

Do you know a colleague who is a super professor? If so, you can nominate that faculty member for the CETL Super Professor Award by sending an email to No self-nominations please.

Make sure to include information about your colleague and reasons why they deserve this.

2011 Outstanding Service to the College Winners

Arthur Davis, (AL), Bruce Mann, (AN), Rebecca Kamen, (AL), Janet Giannoti, (AL), Katherine Olson, (AN)

2011 Faculty of the Year Awards

Paul Fitzgerald, Biology, (AN); Izanne Zorin, Biology, (AL); Andrew Bidwell, Veterinary Technology, (LO); Barbara Lash, Art History, (MA); Christine Slevin, Nursing, (MEC); Dennis Staszak, Criminal Justice, (WO); and Tariq Rahimi, Mathematics, (WO).

NOVA Educational Foundation Program Grants

Rebecca Kamen, Sylvia Rortvedt, Barbara Ryland Wells, Veronica Campos, Alicia Del Barrio Escribano, Nicole Foreman, Kirk Goolsby, Mark Johnson, Kathleen Lloyd, Walerian Majewski, Connor Morgan, John Pluta, Lisa Quinn, Swathi Seeke, William Stanclift, Lisa Williams, Gillian Backus, Charles Evans, John Hicks, Geeta Jadhav, Dariel Martin, Nelson Nestor, Gary Phares, John DeGurse, Beatrice Veney, Tanya Ingram, Michael Turner, Zima Zahadat.

NOVA Professional Developments for Adjunct Faculty

Vicki Arnold, Robert Barr, Vivien Chen, Gail Hook, Cindy Luongo, Mike Maggio, Mari Nakamura, Shirley Nuhn, Shannon Pecora, Jason Reisenfeld, Jennifer Webb.

VCCS Chancellor's Faculty Fellows and Professors

Milan Hayward, Ph.D. in Community College Leadership, Old Dominion University; and Sherri Anna Robinson, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, West Virginia University, College of Human Resources and Education

VCCS Professional Development Grants

Phillip Tirpak, Charles Evans, Gillian Backus, Adam Howard, Susan Sherry, Julie Allen, Justin Pilla, Will Schutz, Callen Bentley, Walerian Majewski, Margaret Leary, Karen Taylor