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Four students and a teacher in classroom


NOVA’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is dedicated to assisting faculty and staff in improving the quality of teaching and learning services. CETL supports the performance of its learners and cultivates a deeply ingrained culture of excellence.

Established in 2008, CETL supports two strategic goals:

  • To increase professional development opportunities that result in enhanced teaching, increased productivity and improved services to students; and
  • To focus student success by creating an environment of
    world-class teaching and learning.

Organizational Structure for CETL:

CETL organizational chart Administrative Council executive committee key_administrator cetl_staff cetl_advisory

Administrative Council

Executive Committee
Executive Vice President
Provosts of each campus
Extended Learning Institute

Key Administrator
Provost, Barbara Saperstone

CETL Office Staff
Faculty Developer, Cindy Miller
Administrative Support, Robin Muse
Faculty Associates

CETL Advisory Council
Campus Faculty
College Faculty

AL: Lori Ward (TF, ESL)
Bridget Decker (TF, Biology)
AN: Athos Brewer (AF, Student Services)
Cheri Bridgeforth (TF, ESL)
Nicole (Foreman) Tong (TF, English)
Will Schutz (TF, English)
ELI: Joan Osborne(PF, Faculty Developer)
LO: Will Straight (TF, Geology)
MA: Tim Hadlock (TF, Biology)
ME: David Falkenstein (TF, Health),
Ruth Stanton (AF, Ed Support)
WO: Andrew Young (TF, English)

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View CETL Strategic Plan