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Resources for Learning Communities


What Are Learning Communities and other frequently asked questions from the Washington Center at The Evergreen State College.

"Learning Communities: Getting Started"
Download a monograph on designing learning communities published by the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction.

Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education @ The Evergreen State College

Learning About Learning Communities
November 2008
The National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development Webinar Series

What reaction do you get when you mention "learning communities" on your campus? Excitement? Apprehension? Our panelists will give a panoramic view of the issues involved in successful learning communities, including historical underpinnings, infrastructure and support, and promising practices in the classroom. From concept to implementation, these education experts will offer valuable insight that you will not want to miss!

Vincent Tinto, Author and Distinguished University Professor, Syracuse University
Julie Phelps, Project Director, Achieving the Dream, Valencia Community College
Terry Rafter-Carles, Professor, Valencia Community College

Archived Webinars are located in the NISOD members-only area on the NISOD website. NOVA is a member and the password to access the members-only area is as follows:

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Password: excellenceawards

The username and password are both lowercase and case sensitive.

Evidence on the Effectiveness of Learning Communities

In the inaugural issue of the Pell Institute journal, Opportunity Matters, Cathy McHugh Engstrom and Vincent Tinto discuss the results of a longitudinal study of learning community programs in 13 community colleges.

Vincent Tinto, "Learning Communities and the Reconstruction of Remedial Education in Higher Education"

Derek Price, "Learning Communities and Student Success in Postsecondary Education: A Background Paper" from MDRC.

Jim Harnish, "Students' Experience in Coordinated Studies: What Data on Learning Communities Reveals" from the Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education Winter 2006 Newsletter.

Jean MacGregor, Vincent Tinto, and Jerri Holland Lindblad, "Assessment of Innovative Efforts: Lessons From the Learning Community Movement" in Assessment to Promote Deep Learning, Linda Suskie (ed.).

Collaborative Learning Assessment-Washington Center

Tips for Climate Setting

Active Learning Techniques