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Learning Communities
Learning Communities consist of a common cohort of students enrolled in linked classes who work together with faculty on shared assignments and learning opportunities.

New Student Orientation (NSO)/Student Orientation Advising & Registration Sessions (SOAR)
NSO is for students and parents to learn about resources for student success at NOVA, get information about transfer resources and paying for college. SOAR sessions are for first-time college students, focusing on understanding placement test results, choosing and registering for courses, payment deadlines.

First Year Experience (FYE)
First Year Experience provides first year students with academic, career and social support during their first year of college.

NCAT Redesign of Developmental Math
Through a grant from NCAT, NOVA will redesign all three developmental mathematics courses (MTH 2, Arithmetic; MTH 3,Algebra I; and MTH 4, Algebra II) into one unified course.

Developmental English
NOVA has established a Developmental English Task Force to review the data on success rates in developmental English courses offered at NOVA and then to develop a plan to increase student success.

SDV 100 Course Redesign
Student Development Orientation is a student success course required of all NOVA students.