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Forms for Purchasing

eVA Security Acceptable Use Acknowledgment Agreement


Each requester or approver must submit two forms: the eVA Security Acceptable Use Acknowledgment Agreement and the AIS Account Permissions Form. Both forms must be submitted at the same time to the Controller. Read the entire eVA Electronic Procurement System Standards .pdf document. Pay particular attention to the eVA Acceptable Use Acknowledgment Agreement (Appendix B, pages 17-20). Print the Acknowledgment (p.20) and complete the appropriate information and send it to Cliff Johnson or Stephen Tim-Young in ITSS.

IT Account Access Forms and Policies


Please fill out and submit the electronic form (105-045). It can be found on the NOVA website under forms.

Asset Management

Asset management follows all procedures according to Procedure Manual (ASPM) rules and regulations. For asset management-related forms, go to the Administrative Services Procedures Manual.

Small Purchase Charge Card

Three forms are necessary to obtain a small purchase charge card:

Submit the 105-118 form to Kenneth Kapko or Samira Mkaimel, and submit the eVA Security Agreement to Cliff Johnson or Stephen Tim-Young in ITSS.

Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption

Purchases of goods on behalf of the college are exempt from sales tax.