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Surplus Property

Email Procedures

The Central Receiving Office has implemented a new procedure for the redistribution of property for NOVA campuses. This procedure reduces the unnecessary high volume of paper/forms that was previously used. Email will be utilized for the following types of property control management

  • Search for Equipment
  • Advertisement of Equipment
  • Relocation of Equipment within each campus (appropriate forms should still be submitted for intercampus transfers)

All email must be sent to Merlin Espinal.

Search for Equipment

If your department is in need of a particular item of equipment, please send your email search request for that item to the above inventory control address. Inventory Control will then broadcast the search message to all departments on campus for the item using you as a contact. If a department has the particular item that you are in need of, they will contact you. If you are satisfied with the item please contact Inventory Control for a relocation of equipment move.

Advertisement of Equipment

If your department has surplus equipment (equipment no longer needed) to be removed from your department, please send your advertisement e-mail request to the above inventory control address giving all pertinent information, NOVA barcode label decal number (if any), or the make and serial number of the item(s). Also send the description, condition and location of the item(s). Once received, Inventory Control will set a time frame (usually one week) for possible transfer. Edit your message indicating the time frame and the individual and extension number to contact. The message will then be forwarded to the campus storekeepers for distribution to contacts. The person who responds first is awarded the surplus property for his/her department. Please contact Inventory Control for the relocation of equipment to be made. If there are no responses, arrangements to remove the surplus equipment to storage will not be made until the time frame for advertisement has expired. Inventory Control must be advised of all transfers made using this procedure.

Disposal of Equipment

There are times when equipment no longer has a useful life (the equipment is in poor or scrap condition). Such equipment should be reported to the Central Receiving Office. Also, send the description, condition and the location of the item(s). NOVA currently uses Davis Industries for scrap metal. Wooden materials are taken to the Fairfax county dump or like location that are closest to each campus. Under no circumstances should equipment be placed in hallways or loading dock areas to await disposal. To do so is in violation of Fire and Safety codes.

Transfer to Surplus/Redistribution

There are times when equipment is no longer needed by a department, but is still reusable by another Department for future use. Please send your transfer to Inventory Control with the NOVA barcode label decal number (if any), or the make and serial number of the item(s). Also send the description, condition and location of the item(s) and Inventory Control will arrange for the transfer of the item(s) to a storage area. If the item(s) transferred to storage is on property record, Inventory Control will make the appropriate changes to the status, condition and location. These items located in the surplus storage area may be redistributed to offices/departments when in need. The item(s) will be transfer to the Central Receiving Office's inventory until it is either claimed by another department or is turned in to Richmond.

Relocation of Equipment

There are also times when departments need to move an item(s) of equipment from one location to another. Please send your relocation of equipment email request to the above Inventory Control address with the NOVA barcode label decal number (if any), or the make and serial number of the item(s). Also send the description, present location and the building and room number where you would like the item(s) relocated and notify your storekeeper to scan in the updates in IPM-CS.