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Central Receiving/Warehouse

Central Receiving/Warehouse

All equipment is delivered to the central receiving/warehouse by vendors. Central receiving affixes a NOVA identification number to equipment.

Off-Campus Possession

When NOVA faculty/staff members must complete a work assignment away from the work site, a temporary loan of equipment is appropriate when equipment use is work related and has the prior approval of the Department Chair. Use Form 105-005, Custody Record of Equipment Temporarily Removed from the Campus.

Email Procedure

Asset Management utilizes email to reduce the unnecessary high volume of paper/forms that had previously been used. Email will be utilized for the following types of property control management:

  • advertisement of equipment
  • surplus property
  • relocation of equipment

Send your email to Merlin Espinal, Property Control Manager.

Physical Inventory

A quarterly inventory verifies the receipt of new equipment and is conducted by the property control manager with the support of the campus store manager. An annual inventory accounts for all new and existing assets. The annual physical inventory is conducted by the store manager of each campus, who reports the results to asset management.