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The Central Receiving Office defines equipment as any non-consumable item having a useful life of two or more years. Property Control recording level is set at $1,000 with the exception for computer equipment being maintained at $500 in IPM-CS. The Equipment Trust Fund property control level is set at $500. Equipment, no matter what condition (non-working, cannibalized, obsolete, etc.), cannot be disposed of without first being cleared through the Property Control Manager. Such equipment will be removed to a surplus storage area for redistribution and/or disposal according to VCCS and §10 of the Administrative Services Procedure Manual (ASPM) rules and regulations. Equipment not maintained on the state property inventory record is subject to the same policies, i.e. transfers, surplus and disposal.


It is the Primary responsibility of the Property Control Manager to educate the campus departmental personnel in the requirements of VCCS and §10 ASPM to enforce the procedures within this agency. The campus storekeepers are in direct contact with campus departments and work closely with the Property Administration Office to assure compliance with all NOVA requirements.

The Property Control Manager is responsible for the initial location and tagging of all new equipment followed by accurate entry into FAIS and IPM-CS. The Central Receiving Office is also responsible for ensuring the annual inventory of equipment is perform by campus designees as required by Audit and the Office OF Materials Management, and for reports of any loss submitted from the campus business managers.

Academic and Administrative Departments

Perpetual updating of equipment records is the responsibility of the Property Control Manager, but cannot be accomplished without the assistance of the individual department members and campus storekeepers who are in direct control of the equipment.