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Services & Resources

Call Center
call center The Call Center ensures that callers get the best possible customer experience by assisting them with prompt and accurate information, helping navigating the NOVA website, fielding inquiries and connecting callers with appropriate departments contacts.
graphics Our Graphics office oversees the design and production of official NOVA fliers, brochures, booklets, programs, handbooks and other print materials. In addition, the graphics office manages the College’s photography needs, including the cataloging of official College photos and the enforcing the guidelines for using the official College Wordmark.
Public Information & Publications
public info publication Public Information consists of the public relations officers. Our Public Information Officers share important NOVA news with the media and other external audiences. Intercom, a weekly Web publication for all NOVA faculty and staff is also produced by this office.
Web Services & Digital Media
web services WSDM ‘s core responsibilities include the design, development and maintenance of NOVA’s website and college-related social media sites. The WSDM team can also help you with Web applications, such as online registration for training and events, campus virtual tours, online surveys and multimedia projects.