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Summary of Responsibilities

The Public Information Office disseminates newsworthy information about students, faculty and staff, as well as programs, events and activities that benefit our community. The office distributes press releases, photo releases, public service announcements and media alerts to ensure NOVA’s students, faculty and staff receive recognition for their accomplishments and the community is aware of the excellent work taking place at NOVA.

The Public Information Office maintains and regularly updates multiple distribution lists to make sure appropriate media outlets receive NOVA news. These media contact lists include local, regional and national print and broadcast outlets.

The Public Information Officers respond immediately in a professional manner to questions from the media. Public Information staff members are knowledgeable about the College’s programs and faculty so information can be located and relayed to the media within their deadlines.

The Public Information Office works with Web Services & Digital Media to post appropriate news articles on NOVA’s website. All press releases and media alerts are added to the News & Events Web page to help students, faculty, staff and community members stay abreast of the College’s news.

The Public Information Officers provide crisis communication guidance to the College to make sure all appropriate audiences receive necessary information during an emergency. The office serves as a resource before, during and after emergency situations by providing guidelines and information to help manage emergency situations. Staff members serve in various capacities during an emergency, such as working on the Incident Command Team, handling media relations, and writing Web articles and email messages to keep the NOVA community informed.

The Public Information Office publishes and disseminates NOVA’s employee newsletter, Intercom, weekly during the fall and spring semesters and biweekly during the summer. All Intercom issues are posted online and archived for a period of time for easy retrieval.

The Public Information Office serves as a resource for the College by providing writing, editing and proofreading expertise for various publications such as ads and marketing pieces.