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Marketing oversees and supports programs and activities designed to increase enrollment of high school students and adults ready to begin or resume post-secondary education. In addition to developing and implementing marketing and communications plans, Marketing manages public relations and advertising programs to achieve NOVA's strategic goals and objectives.

High School Outreach

high school outreachMarketing administers recruiting activities of high school outreach staff on all six NOVA campuses. Recruiters organize and participate in high school fairs to meet perspective students and inform them of the benefits of attending NOVA.

Recruiters also develop and maintain relationships with high school counselors and administrators. The Marketing staff supports their efforts by implementing direct mail campaigns targeting high school students and their parents, and sends welcome letters and packets containing important enrollment information to all new applicants.

Community Outreach

communityMarketing also manages creation and production of promotional materials used by high school outreach staff and community outreach coordinators who promote college and campus events and develop relationships with local businesses and government agencies interested in forging partnerships with NOVA.

Campus & Community Relations Coordinators
AL Campus: Marc Henderson
AN Campus: Bob Hull
LO Campus: Tatyana Schum
MA Campus: Ramunda Young
MEC Campus: Maria Nieto-Shahsavarian
WO Campus: Charlene Wilkins
Extended Learning Institute: Julie Booth

Special Initiatives

Marketing supports the promotion of such special initiatives as: Pathway to the Baccalaureate, Achieving the Dream, The NOVA WAY and NoVAHealthFORCE.