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View and Verify Employee Job Data Information

  1. Click the Manager Self Service link.
  2. Click the Job and Personal Information link.
  3. Click the View Employee Personal Info link.
  4. Enter the date you want to view information. Default: Current Date
  5. Enter the appropriate Dynamic Group ID. Click the Continue button.
    Clicking on Continue will show you a listing of all of the employees in your reporting structure.
  6. Note: A list of all employees that report to you will appear. This list will provide the name, EMPLID #, employee record # (zero indicates primary job; higher numbers indicate that the employee has another job within NOVA); pay status; and position number.
    Suggestion: Print this list to have handy access to your employees’ EMPLID #, or if your entire department is listed, create a chart of only your direct reports to include the employees’ names and EMPL ID # for easy reference when using HRMS. Keep this information in a secure file/place.
  7. Click the option for an employee.
  8. Click the Continue button.
  9. Note: Here you can view the employee's information. You cannot change any information in the employee's record.
  10. View personal data for an employee using the PeopleSoft Manager Self Service. You can continue to view additional employees assigned to you by returning to the View Personal Info page.

Supervisors and managers should be able to view the following data elements for each employee assigned to their work unit:

  • Name
  • Job (official job title)
  • Location Code (main work location)

Additional information you can view concerning your assigned employees:

  • Home and Mailing Addresses
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Birthday
  • Compensation History (annual salary amount, hourly rate or adjunct rate)

To report discrepancies, please contact Employee Services.

Employee work schedules, in the assigned workplace and/or in alternate work locations are established by the immediate supervisor.

Wage and work-study employees scheduled to work at least six consecutive hours, must be afforded a lunch period (meal break) of at least 30 minutes a day as determined by the immediate supervisor. Therefore, the 30-minute lunch break must be incorporated into the work schedule. Additionally, the 30-minute lunch break should be taken midway through the 6-hour schedule.

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Employee Services for assistance.