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Review and Resolve Time and Labor Exceptions

  1. Click the Manager Self Service link.
  2. Click the Time Management link.
  3. Click the Approve Time and Exceptions link.
  4. Click the Exceptions link.
  5. This page allows you to make a selection for the employees that are assigned to you. Enter the appropriate Dynamic Group ID. You can click on the Get Employees button and see all employees on your team.
    You can enter a singleEMPLID. Doing so will only show you one employee as it is a unique number.
  6. Enter the desired group ID into the Group ID Value field.
  7. Click the Get Employees button.
  8. Note: Any employees with exceptions that need to be reviewed will appear. Time that has an exception with a Low or Medium severity level will still create payable time. Time that has an exception with a High severity level will not create payable time and must be resolved.
  9. Click the Details tab. This will allow you to view additional information/columns.
  10. Click the last Exception Description link. Clicking on this hyperlink will provide additional information related to this exception.
  11. Review the explanation and click the OK button.
  12. Click the Overview tab.
  13. You can allow certain exceptions. This will enable the exceptions to pass onto Payroll for processing. To allow an exception, click and place a check mark in the Allow check box.
  14. Click the Save button. This will clear this exception from the employee’s timesheet.
  15. Click the OK button.
  16. Notice that the check box for the exception in the Allow column is gone. This is because the exception has been cleared from the employee’s timesheet.
  17. You have learned how to view and resolve time reporting exceptions as a result of the time administration process.

Time and Labor Exceptions – Background Information:

The Time Administration process (a.k.a., Time Admin) is an automatic process which runs nightly and more frequently at the conclusion of the pay period). The results of Time Administration are either exceptions or payable time that can be approved by the Manager.

It is important that the manager resolve all exceptions before approving payable time. In the process of resolving or clearing the exceptions, the supervisor is to check the employee’s timesheet and absence requests for accuracy. Communication with the employee is essential to correcting time entries and leave requests. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that the final timesheet is correct before approving payable time.

Some of these exceptions are allowable and can be bypassed after selecting the Allow checkbox and saving the exceptions page. For example, if the employee arrived at work one hour after the start time, it will create an exception. But, as the supervisor/manager if you are aware of this, you can allow the exception. Also, the exception serves to remind the supervisor/manager that he or she must remind the employee to submit an absence request to cover this lost time worked or that the supervisor/manager could allow the employee to make up the lost time by working an hour beyond the scheduled end time.

For the exceptions that cannot be allowed, it will require the employee to make corrections to the timesheet. Supervisors/managers must communicate with their employees to have them correct their own timesheet.