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Request Leave for Absence from Work - Self Service Leave

  1. Click the Self Service link.
  2. Click the Time Reporting link.
  3. Click the Report Time link.
  4. Click the Absence Request link.
  5. Enter the leave start date into the Start Date field.
    You can either manually enter this date or click on the calendar icon in the start date field and select a date from the calendar.
  6. Select the appropriate Filter by Type (classified, appropriate faculty type). Click on the drop down arrow in the Absence Name field.
    For example: If you are a professional faculty member who participates in the new annual leave program (hired after 1/1/2007) and would like to request a day of annual leave off from work to use a day of annual leave, select, the Annual – A & P New leave option.
    For 9-month teaching faculty, making a request to use a day of personal leave to be off from work select Personal9-month Faculty as the leave option.
  7. Note: The balance shown is as of the last processed date. The current balances do not reflect unprocessed requests within the same leave period. The balance reflects the last time absence management was processed. The processing of absence management will coincide with pay periods. Your balance should not be off by more than one semi-monthly payroll cycle.
    You can only use leave categories which display a balance above zero; if you select and use a leave category that does not show a balance, the HRMS system will place you in a leave without pay status, which may affect your paycheck.
    If you think your balance is incorrect, contact Employee Services.
  8. Click the dropdown arrow in the Partial Days field.
    Select None – if you want to use an entire day of leave, or multiple consecutive whole days of leave.
    Select Start Day Only – if you want to take only a few hours off from work (less than a whole day).
    Note: Do not ever use the options All DaysEnd Day Only, or Start and End Day. Also, do not ever combine a half day of leave with a whole day of leave and enter in HRMS under one date; this combination of leave requires a separate leave request for the whole day and a separate request for the half day.
    Also, if you are Teaching Faculty, according to VCCS policy 3.9.0, you must use leave in increments of half day (four [4] hours).
  9. If you selected Start Day Only because you are taking leave for only a few hours (less than a whole day), then you will be required to enter the number of hours you are requesting off in the Start Day Hours field.
    Note: If you are using leave for whole days, then the Start Day Hours field will not pop up on the screen and you can skip step 9.
  10. Enter the number of hours that you are requesting off from work into the Duration field.
    Note: If you take off an entire week of forty (40) hours, select None in the Partial Days field and enter 40 in the Duration field.
  11. Click the Calculate End Date button.
  12. The End Date is calculated automatically by PeopleSoft based on Duration.
    Check Your Dates: If you have entered leave on a date that is set in HRMS as a holiday, the system will not count your leave on that holiday. If you enter leave on a weekend or non-working day, HRMS will calculate the next working day.
    Be sure to double-check the End Date and ensure it is accurate. If not, you may need to change your Start Date or Duration.
  13. Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    Note: The FMLA field only appears with certain leave types. Enter Yes in the Is This FMLA Related field Only if FMLA has been approved by the Department of Human Resources, Employee Services, and you are entering leave to be used to pay yourself during your approved FML A leave. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
  14. Enter any appropriate information into the Requestor Comments field. Enter a valid value.
    For example: Requesting vacation day, going to LA, or daughter's graduation, etc.
    It is important to provide the appropriate reason by entering a comment. This way the Manager approving your request will have the necessary information to make a decision.
  15. The Save for Later button can be used if you are not ready to submit leave to your manager for approval but want to store the request in your history.
  16. If you are ready to submit your leave request to your manager, click the Submit button.
  17. Click the OK button. This will generate an email to your manager to approve, deny, or rework the leave.