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NATS Management Portal

Human Resources is transitioning to a new way of managing Position Descriptions and EWPs and evaluating and hiring candidates. In December 2012, NOVA Applicant Tracking System (NATS) launched providing a streamlined system for applicants to apply for positions at NOVA. This system allows applicants to create profiles, upload documents, include references, transcripts and apply to open positions at NOVA.

The second phase of this three-phase project is the NATS Management Portal, which allows hiring managers, deans, VPs and provosts at NOVA to log in to the system to view applicants in real time, share information with search committees, use evaluation criteria for applicants and view, add, and modify current EWPs and position descriptions.


Click the buttons below to access NATS program and NATS FAQ.


NATS Management Portal

Click the buttons below to access NATS Management Portal and NATS Management Portal FAQ.

NATS Management Portal NATS Management Portal FAQ

NATS Management Portal Training

Human Resources will be conducting the second round of training on every campus. Navigating NATS – The New Applicant Tracking and Position Management System hands on sessions are designed for hiring managers and will review both applicant tracking and position management (EWP and NOV processing). Managers and supervisors will learn how to submit Notices of Vacancy in the new system, review applicants and all of their supporting documents, receive reference materials, and hire candidates.

The training schedule is noted below. After the training, ongoing support will be provided through TAC information sites, HR Campus Consultants and For more information on the NATS management Portal please view the NATS Management Portal FAQs, or contact Michelle Marks, Associate Director for Talent Management at 703.323.5005, Aisha Ferguson, HR Project Manager at 703.323.5695 or your HR Campus Consultant.

Please check back for future training dates.

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