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NATS Management Portal FAQ

1. How do I log into the NATS Management Portal?

  1. Visit the NATS Management Portal at
  2. If you are a current NOVA employee select the Forgot My Password link.
  3. The system will request your username which is your NOVA username that you use when you log into your computer.
  4. An email will be sent to your NOVA email account providing a link to set a new password that you may use to log into the system moving forward.

All NOVA employees (classified, faculty, adjunct and wage employees) should be able to log into the system. However, if the system does not recognize your username, select the First time here? link to request an account.

2. How do I see my position description?

Once you logged into the NATS Management Portal, the My Profile tab at the top of the page contains various information per employee. Select that tab and then select the Position Description tab. Under that tab a blue link with your position title will appear. Selecting that link will display your current position description information. If you can’t see it your position may not be loaded. Contact AskHR for assistance.

3. What information is included in “My Profile”?

The My Profile tab contains the name, NOVA email address, Campus, employee ID, state ID, user name and position description information for each employee.

4. Am I able to change the information in “My Profile”?

All information in the My Profile section can only be changed by HR. If there is incorrect information you would like changed, contact HR at

5. Who do I contact for help in NATS Management Portal?

If you are having issues with your NATS Management Portal login or information in the system related to your profile, position description, job postings or employees information you can contact HR at If you need assistance with creating a new position description, reviewing a posting or reviewing applicants contact the HR Campus Consultant supporting your campus.

6. Where can I go for more information on the NATS Management Portal such as step-by-step guides, Workflow charts and information internal to NOVA?

For more information please visit the NOVA Human Resources SharePoint page.