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Employee Time Entry on the HRMS Timesheet

  1. Click the Self Service link.
  2. Click the Time Reporting link.
  3. Click the Report Time link.
  4. Click the Timesheet link.
  5. Note: The View By field allows you to view your timesheet by Time Period, Week or Day. Click the drop down arrow for View By and select Time Period.
  6. You can enter the date of the week, time period or day you want to view.
  7. The Previous Time Period and Next Time Period links allow you to access previous, or future, timesheets. You can revise any previously submitted time sheet within the current pay period, until the timesheet has been approved by your manager.
    After the manager approves the timesheet (using the Approving Payable Time function), the employee can no longer revise/change the timesheet.
    Note: Although the Next Time Period link is available, you cannot enter future time, but you can view a future timesheet.
  8. Enter the desired hours worked into the appropriate field.
  9. Select the correct Time Reporting Code (TRC) from the drop down menu.
    Click the REG - Regular Time list item for all time actually worked, regardless if the hours worked were on Saturday or Sunday, or if you worked longer than your scheduled shift.
    The TRC code of Other must only be used at the direction of the Human Resource Director.
  10. If you wish to enter a comment about your work activities for a particular day, click the comment icon and enter your particular comment. Your supervisor will be able to view these comments and the information may be useful to explain the punch time entries that you made on that particular day. Additionally, these comments will remain as part of the official timesheet record.
    Note: Use complete sentences when making comments. And, use the comments field to explain why you worked different hours than your scheduled shift.
  11. Possible Overtime Hours Worked -must have prior approval from supervisor.
    Note: At the end of the Friday – Thursday week for P-14s and at the end of the Monday to Friday work week for P-3s, if the total hours worked exceeds forty, the employee is required to enter a Comment explaining why overtime was worked and if it was approved by the supervisor/manager. You can enter comments using the Comment icon.
    Note: Again, use complete sentences when making comments.
  12. Recording Holliday Time
    P-3 Classified Employees:
    In the event an official college holiday occurs during the workweek, P-3s select HOL–Holiday Time from the Time Reporting Code drop down menu. Enter the amount of Holiday hours awarded by NOVA. Please refer to posted holiday schedule on the NOVA website.
  13. At the end of each work day, enter the hours worked for that day, and then select the Submit button. The use of the Submit button at the end of each work day will allow your managers to view the time that you have worked, and it will allow them to resolve any problems or address any questions with you regarding the hours worked.
    Note: Do NOT select the Save for Later button at the end of each work day. This feature is a nice option to use when entering time throughout the day. Even so, at the end of the day, after all time entries have been entered, the Submit button must be used to submit your work hours for your supervisor to view.
  14. At the end of the pay period, employees should review their entire timesheet for final review and possible changes/corrections. Once this final re-examination of the timesheet is completed, then the employee is to click the Submit button. This allows the final timesheet to be viewed by the supervisor or manager for approval using the Approve Payable Time function.
    Remember: Once the supervisor or manager approves the final timesheet using the Approve Payable Time function, the employee can no longer make changes/corrections to the timesheet).
  15. NEW in HRMS 9.0 Applies to Non-Exempt—leave requests: The timesheet will now show absence requests submitted by the employee directly on the timesheet. In the Status column, it will show whether or not the absence request has been approved, denied, or sent back for rework. The Status column will automatically add the leave requested and approved work hours together to provide a more accurate total of the weekly hours.
    Note: This is view access only! The employee must still use the Absence Management Request function to submit the leave request.
  16. NEW in HRMS 9.0 Three Non Exempt employee scenarios to make note of:
    1. Question: Can the manager take action on absence management requests directly from the timesheet? Answer: No, the information on the timesheet is view only but it will be extremely helpful to employees and managers in making sure the timesheet is accurate and complete without having to Open a New Window and view Absence Management History on a different screen in HRMS.
    2. Let’s say the employee incorrectly submitted an absence management request and the supervisor mistakenly approved this request. Question: How can the approved leave request be removed from the timesheet? Answer: An approved leave request can only be deleted by Human Resources; please contact Employee Services.
    3. Now, let’s say the supervisor denies the employee’s absence management request. Question: Does the absence request continue to show on the employee’s timesheet? Answer: Yes, until employees go to their Absence Request History and Cancels the request. After employees complete the cancellation, then they must return to Absence Management and re-submit the action returned by the supervisor, or complete a new/correct Absence Management Request.
  17. As a reminder, click the Scroll bar to scroll down and view the entire web page of the timesheet in order to see additional features of HRMS 9.0.
  18. NEW in HRMS 9.0 Near the bottom of the web page of the timesheet you will see the following:
    • Absence Event - click to view
      Employee and supervisor can view all of the specific absence request actions for the 14-day timesheet cycle.
    • Reported Hours Summary – click to view
      Clicking this link will allow the employee and supervisor to see the weekly summary of the employee’s work hours. The chart below will assist the employee and manager in adjusting the work schedules needed to minimize or eliminate potential overtime. Also, upon viewing the weekly summary, it may be determined that the employee has not worked the required 40 hours during the week. If a negative number exists, then the employee may have missed entering actual time worked or may need to submit an absence management request to cover the negative work hours.
      Category Total WEEK 1 From 3/2 – 3/8 WEEK 2 From 3/9 – 3/15
      Total Reported Hours 78.00 38.00 40.00
      Total Scheduled Hours 78.00 38.00 40.00
      No category Displayed 80.00 38.00 40.00
      Schedule Deviation -2.00 -2.00
    • Balances – click to view
      The employee and the supervisor can use this link to view the employee’s most current leave balances.
  19. Note: The timesheet will reflect updated hours once it is Submitted.
  20. Click the OK button.