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Edit Personal Data

  1. Click the Self Service link.
  2. Click the Personal Information link.
  3. Clicking on the Personal Information Summary link, shown on this page, will take you to the personal information page. From that page you can view personal information and click in a specific area and make changes.
    Alternatively, you can click on one of the other applicable hyperlinks shown on this page and go directly to that area to view or edit.
    For example: If you wish to view or edit your phone number, you can click on the Phone Numbers hyperlink shown on this page and go directly to the phone number area.
  4. Click the Personal Information Summary link.
    Clicking on this link will take you to personal information page. From that page you can view personal information and make changes where appropriate.
    Note: Employees are not able to make changes to their primary (legal) name or their education level. For Name Change and Education Level change requests, contact Employee Services.
  5. As you will notice each personal data grouping has a Change button. Clicking on the Yellow Change button will take you to that specific area where you can make edits.
    Note: If there is no Change button in a particular section, that information cannot be updated here. Please contact Human Resources if you have questions.
  6. Click the Change name button to change your preferred name.
    Note: You can only change your preferred name, not your primary name (legal name). To change your primary name, you will need to contact Employee Services and present the appropriate documentation.
    As you can see here, there is no Edit option next to Primary name.
  7. Click the Edit button to the right of the Preferred Name row to add an appropriate nickname or to shorten William to Bill or Catherine to Cathy.
  8. After entering your preferred name click the Save button.
  9. Click the Return to Personal Information link to make other changes to your Personal Information.