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Change your address

  1. Click the Self Service link.
  2. Click the Personal Information link.
  3. Clicking on the Personal Information Summary link, shown on this page, will take you to the personal information page. From that page you can view personal information and click in a specific area and make changes.
    Alternatively, you can click on one of the other applicable hyperlinks shown on this page and go directly to that area to view or edit.
    For example: If you wish to view or edit your phone number, you can click on the Phone Numbers hyperlink shown on this page and go directly to the phone number area.
  4. Click the Personal Information Summary link.
    Clicking on this link will take you to personal information page. From that page you can view personal information and make changes where appropriate.
    Note: Employees are not able to make changes to their primary (legal) name or their education level. For Name Change and Education Level change requests, contact Employee Services.
  5. Click the Change home/mailing addresses button.
    Note: The Home address is the official address of record in the HRMS system and will automatically appear as your Mailing address as well. Both can be changed by the employee in the HRMS.
    Note: HRMS will only recognize addresses entered in USPS format, but using upper and lower case letters (e.g. 100 Main St). The USPS Look Up a Zip Code site will allow you to search for this format. Additionally, only use Address 1 field, NOT Address 2 and/or Address 3. Include the +4 Zip Code. Your residence/jurisdiction can be found using the search (click magnifying glass) lookup next to the Residence/Juris field in PeopleSoft.
  6. To change your Home or Mailing address click the Edit button.
  7. Enter the new address information into the Address 1, City, State, Postal, Residence/Juris fields.
  8. You can edit the On this date field to reflect the date when the change will take place or leave it at the current date, which defaults automatically.
    Note: You can only enter a current or future date, not a date in the past.
  9. Click the Save button.
  10. Click the OK button.
  11. Click the Return to Personal Information link. This will take you back to the Personal Information page.