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Approve, Deny and Rework Absence Requests

  1. Click the Manager Self Service link.
  2. Click the Time Management link.
  3. Click the Approve Time and Exceptions link.
  4. Click the Absence Requests link. This will take you to the list of employees who have submitted leave requests.
  5. Note: You can use the Show Requests by Status field to search for leave requests by Pending, Approved or Denied status. You would use this function to search for prior Approved leave to ensure there are no employee conflicts (for example, two employees requesting leave on the same day).
  6. All employees who have requested leave will be listed here and the manager acting on the request(s) will select an employee name by clicking on the name hyperlink.
  7. Note: Be sure to verify the employee’s leave type – if they entered the incorrect leave type return the request with a note asking them to select the correct leave type.
  8. Note: The balance shown is as of the last processed date. The current balances do not reflect unprocessed requests within the same leave period. The balance reflects the last time absence management was processed. The processing of absence management will coincide with pay periods. The employee's balance should not be off by more than one semi-monthly payroll cycle.
    An employee may be entering multiple leave requests within the same pay period. If so, their leave balance will not reflect accurately. Be sure to double-check any leave requests you have approved for an employee in the current pay period to make sure they have the leave available to take. Otherwise, they may go into unpaid leave.
    If you see a 0 here for anything other than Leave Without Pay (LWOP), make sure your employee is selecting the correct Leave type. If not, send the request back to the employee to choose the correct leave type.
  9. Enter any appropriate comment into the Approver Comments field.
    Anytime you Deny, or Send Back for Rework an employee’s leave request, it is important to provide a reason by entering a comment so the employee will understand the reason.
    NEW in 9.0: For Classified non-exempt employees who complete timesheets, if you deny the employee’s leave request the manager must remind the employee (the comment field is a perfect place to do this) to go to their Absence Request History and CANCEL the denied request, and to submit a new/correct absence request in Absence Management for supervisor action.
  10. Approvers can take one of the following three actions by clicking the associated button:
    Approve: The absence request is approved. The employee can view the approval by going back to the Self-service area.  Then click Time Reporting, then click Report Time, then click Absence Request History.
    Deny: The absence request has been denied. The manager should enter an appropriate comment notifying the employee of the reason for denial.
    Needs Rework: The request is neither approved nor denied—the manager needs additional information. The manager should enter an appropriate comment notifying employee of the reason and specifying any other information needed.

Ignorance of the law is no defense; it is YOUR responsibility as a manager to know the rules of time and labor.