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Group Life Insurance

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The College provides group term life insurance coverage at no cost for salaried employees. No enrollment forms are required. The amount of coverage is twice the employee's annual salary rounded to the nearest $1,000 for natural death and four times the rounded annual salary for accidental death.

Your beneficiaries for your life insurance are designated according to state law in the following order: your spouse, (if no surviving spouse) your children and descendants of deceased children, (if none of the aforementioned) your parents equally or to the surviving parent, (if none of the aforementioned) the duly appointed executor or, administer of your estate, (if none of the aforementioned) your next of kin.

If you would like beneficiary designations different from the order shown above, you need to fill out a Beneficiary Designation Form (VRS-2). The program is administered through the Virginia Retirement System with Minnesota Life as the insurance carrier.