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Staff Contact Information

Office of the Controller

Office of the Controller
3924 Pender Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030 - 0971

Internal Mail Stop:  Fairfax III, Controller’s Office

Phone Number: 703.323.3125

Controller Area Fax: 703.323.3762
Payroll Area Fax: 703.323.3241

General questions and inquiries Account payable questions, inquiries, travel expense reimbursement inquiries and invoices Payroll questions and inquiries


NameTitleServices ProvidedTelephone

John Guszak


Administrative Oversight, CARS, AIS, Procedural Questions


Tan Nguyen

Associate Controller

CARS, AIS, Procedural Questions


Julie Maurer

Office Manager

Administrative Support to the Controller and Associate Controller


Accounts Payable & Disbursement Operations

NameTitleServices ProvidedTelephone
Jennifer Hanger, VCA

Associate Director -
Accounts Payable & Disbursement Operations

Accounts Payable Management and Oversight 703.323.3057
Sandy Hild, VCA

Accounting Manager - Accounts Payable & Disbursement Operations

Accounts Payable Management and Oversight 703.764.5068
Le Chau

Accounts Payable Technician

State Funds Payments, Vendors D-G, R-Z 703.323.3022
Marissa Hebron Accounts Payable Technician Travel Expense Reimbursements, Revenue Refunds 703.323.3126
Nebila Kurtu Sr. Accounts Payable Technician State Funds Payments, Vendors A-C, H, N-Q 703.323.3529
Monica Murrell Sr. Accounts Payable Technician Local Funds Payments, Chapter 33 Refunds, Revenue Refunds 703.323.3902

Dorothy Preston

Sr. Accounts Payable Technician

State Funds Payments, Vendors I-M, Washington Gas, Equipment Trust Fund (ETF)


Accounting Operations & Financial Reporting

NameTitleServices ProvidedTelephone


Associate Director - Accounting Operations & Financial Reporting

Local Funds Budget and Reports, Capital Outlay, Student Refunds, Scholarships & Grants and Financial Aid Refunds

Amgad Abdelfarrag


Student Refunds, Financial Aid Refunds,  Bank Reconciliations and Special Projects


Kianoush (Kian) Ighani Sr. General Ledger Specialist AIS Account Review/Reconciliation, CARS Monitoring and AIS Reclassification Entries 703.323.4130

Vi Le


Local Funds AIS Banking, Scholarships & Grants and Bank Reconciliations


Ginger Mullins

Sr. Accountant

AIS Account Review/Reconciliation, AIS Reclassification Entries, Special Projects


Payroll Operations

NameTitleServices ProvidedTelephone

Frank Santella

Associate Director - Payroll Operations

CIPPS, Payroll Questions, Procedural Questions, Payroll Project Manager and Special Projects


Anita Bryant

Sr. Payroll Specialist

Frequencies 43 and 71


Pat Frost Sr. Payroll Specialist Frequencies 41, 42 and 74 703.425.5827

Monica Miranda

Payroll Lead

Monthly/Quarterly Payroll Tax Reconciliations, State Tax Filings, Assist with all Pay Frequencies


Annie Santo Domingo

Sr. Payroll Specialist

Frequencies 40 and 77


Marlene Schulz

Payroll Specialist

Adjuncts (93) – All Campuses


Debbie Sickmen

Sr. Payroll Specialist

Frequency 70/Police Overtime