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Office of the Controller

The Office of the Controller is divided into four areas:

  • Accounts Payable/State M&O (Maintenance & Operations) Funding
  • Local Funds & Financial Aid Payments
  • Accounts Receivable & Data Entry
  • Payroll

The Accounts Payable/State M&O section is responsible for processing payments funded by the state. The group adheres to the Prompt Payment Act of the Commonwealth of Virginia, which requires that all invoices are paid by a required payment due date (usually 30 days after receipt of the invoice).

The staff are assigned vendors according to alphabet. Click here to view the Accounts Payable staff list and vendor assignments.

Accounts Payable also handles the agency's travel expense reimbursements as well as the petty cash fund.

The Local Funds section of the Office of the Controller is devoted to the process of payment of financial aid, as well as the administration and payment of obligations funded by monies contributed by the local jurisdictions or other sources. This includes capital outlays, auxiliary enterprises and any funding that is not received through the legislature.

The Accounts Receivable/Data Entry section enters disbursements, receipts and adjustments into the state computing system. This section also manages Perkins Loans receivables and serves as a centralized accounts receivable office for the college. It is this office which sends past-due accounts to collection agencies and debt set-off.

The Payroll section processes all payrolls for the college.

While the operations of The Office of the Controller are diverse and somewhat complex, the mission of the department is to provide exceptional customer service to students, faculty, staff and vendors.

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