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Budget Office

The Budget Office oversees budget development and periodic budget performance reporting for all college divisions. The Budget Office prepares the annual budget, fulfills internal and external budgeting reporting requirements, processes budget transfers and funding request for new programs and new initiatives, reviews and monitors budget requests and provides financial analysis for the College. The Budget Office staff strives to provide excellent customer service while assuring the highest fiduciary standards are met.

  • Strategic Planning
    • To support NOVA’s strategic planning and budget process through participation in deliberations of committees and hearing panels, presentation of essential budget data and preparation of various analyses and reports.

  • Budget Development, Implementation and Monitoring
    • To develop annual, long-range budgets for approval; to provide a link between NOVA’s strategic plan and resource allocations; to partner with constituents and NOVA’s senior leadership and managers to ensure best practices in budget and financial management.

  • Position Management
    • To allocate NOVA’s personnel resources and align positions so they are consistent with the organization’s current mission and staff resources approved by the budget process.

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Budget Office
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